What happens when you are single and your best friend isn’t?

Before I begin scribbling down my thoughts, I would like to make it very clear that this post is not meant to be a complaint. It is just a general observation, that I think is rather interesting and worth being shared. Your input, as always, is much sought and appreciated.
Well there comes a time in your life when you are single and your best friend isn’t.
Does it have any impact on you or your relationship?
Hell YES!
Here I refer to your best friend. Not just any friend. It is that one particular person who you call in the middle of the night because you are upset for some reason. It is one person who gets to know everything first. Who laughs as comfortably with you and s/he cries and you fight like cats and dogs-literally.
So now, that one particular creature has a cohabitant (virtually, of course).
I will add some of the observations right now and will continue adding them in near future…
When she finds out she is traveling, she automatically starts telling you all about how she and THAT guy are making crazy plans-and when you do realize it is not a joke, you go like EXCUSE ME??
You call and her phone might be busy—hate it!
Sometimes “someone” else knows more about her than you do—and boy, does it suck or what?
She is busy. Now that never used to happen.
There are secrets. Secrets from you.
It’s no more about you anymore.
Every time you guys talk, she begins with a sad ‘I had a fight with him…’
When the reason is inquired, she either embarrassingly giggles or steams up so much that your phone could explode into smithereens.
You get jealous. Super super jealous — there, you have a confession right here.
You get to know from her person that she is not well for before she could come to you, the almost-better-half sweeps her away and tends to her to the point of distraction.
She promises to call you, and forgets (well most of the time).
When you go out, the seat next to you might be left empty.
She makes you rethink your vow to yourself of never falling in love…
You find yourself making an idiotic comment when all of you are out together; but stop-well lovebirds are busy chirping something alien.
But you know, despite it all, you feel a tangible aura of happiness surrounding her. And that makes you happy. Really really happy. And thus you forgive that scoundrel who now shares your best friend with you…
Love you lots and lots my silly pants! *hugs*

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  1. But, but, but… I feel exactly the same way. However, in my case, it doesn’t matter whether I am single or not, I still feel left out and yes, jealous, very jealous- which is The perfect recipe to worsen already pretty bad situations.

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