21st November 2018

Semi Final between Pak and India-The Way I See It !!

India’s Innings!

March 30th 2011-15:53
Phew…it’s one heck on interesting match going on down in the basement!
Well, like everyone else, we had plans to join a mob for mass screening of this historical match. But work comes first, so here I am, running up and down to see the match and work simultaneously. 
Also, working at Axact means that I can be right here on my work station whereas the match is also right here-on my LCD. Long live technology!
Anyway, so coming back to the match-the first 10 overs were HAPPENING! Every ball had the crown in Axact’s cafeteria cheering all kinds of things. And then came the 11th over. I have never seen anything like that in my life!
Sacchin was bowled over twice but as it happens, it was just our wishful thinking. The first time it was LBW. The replay showed that the distance between the wicket and the ball was less than a centimeter! It was heart-stopping moment! And then again Akmal (I think)’s throw of ball disarmed the wicket-almost. Although an opponent, Tendulkar surely is one heck of a sports man-Hats off to him.
And then came Misbah with his clumsiness-Argh! So not cool! Missed a catch…thus Tendulkar is still going strong. Three down-Sehwag, Gambhir and Kohli…at 141 runs.
*fingers crossed*
Oh My God! Yuvraj went out at 0 runs! Like Oh My God!
March 30th 2011- 4:11
What is Afridi doing!?!? Chake pe Chaka…Seriously! Captain ban, ullu na ban!
And the commentator smirks…
It’s funny how things haven’t changed much for Pakistan. They continue to have a strong balling side and are good at fielding…and at dropping catches at crucial instances *I want to kill Ganguly*
March 30th 2011- 4:30
Free hit…Free hit…What the heck! Pakistan…seriously! Kick Tendulkar out…somehow! Please Umar Gul? *bats eye lashes*
I like the fact that only 4 sixes so far…wah wah!
So true…Tendulkar is like a cat on hot tin roof. But he just won’t go away…6 times he has been pushed over the edge but he comes back right up. *hmph*
March 30th 2011- 4:43
I could kiss Afridi right now…Tendulkar out finally!! Yahhhoooooo! Let’s get that trophy boys…We are sooo near it now. No century for Tendulkar…boohoo 🙂 188/5…37.4!
Time for…Dhoni’s Dhulai =D!
March 30th 2011- 4:51
From 9-something…the run rate now is 5.0. Good work green warriors. Let’s continue rocking!
Dhoni would have been gone had our Mr. Wicket Keeper tried a little harder…two more inches and Dhoni would have been off our hands. 6 catches missed already…
If we do win this match, it will be thanks to our bowlers and no credit to our fielding. 205/6…41.3 overs…and Dhoni is gone too-LBW! *lip smacking* Go GREENNNNNN!
Saeed Ajmal and Wahab Riaz are true gems! Go Ajmal…Go Go Go!
March 30th 2011- 5:17
Indian crowds grasp at every straw of hope…Har bhajan might be a breath of fresh air for India and pain in the neck for Pakistan. 220/6…45 overs!
March 30th 2011-6:20
5 overs and 3 people out! God…are we good or what? Har bhajan…Zaheer…Nehra-all gone within 5 overs after 40 runs.
At the end of the match, ESPN says:
Well, fairly manic stuff out there at the end but India will be fairly happy to have reached 260 after losing their way a touch in the middle overs. Tendulkar will have to wait for that 100th ton, but top-scored with 85. He shouldn’t have got nearly that many, of course, but was gifted life after life by Pakistan. There was a danger that the wheels could come off completely for Pakistan, but Wahab Riaz responded with the performance of his career, bowling with vim and vigor with the old ball to claw Pakistan back into the game with five wickets. What an emotionally draining first half it’s been, this game is certainly living up to the hype! It’s still poised on a knife-edge; both teams will believe they can win this from this position. Phew! Join us in 20 minutes or so, and in the meantime check out Brydon Coverdale’s bulletin to be filled in on all the thrills and spills (there were plenty of both) in the first half of this semi-final. 
“260 is a good score against Pakistan,” writes Bachi. “But with Nehra in your team you might want to be little more cautious.” 
I’m not sure about Ankit’s maths here: “260 is not a bad score actually. Add 10 to it because of the pressure of a World Cup semi-final. Add another 15 to it because India’s fielding will save that many. And add another 15 to it because of the pressure of both countries’ Prime Minister’s watching. So it all adds up to a total of 300! Well done, India.”
Pakistan’s Innings!
March 30th 2011-6:26
We are the bomb! 19/0…2.3! wohoo…Go Hafeez, go Akmal! Make us proud!
And sadly Kamran bids farewell just after 19 runs…Dhoni is taking inspiration from Afridi and actually acting like a captain now…44/1…9 overs! *shrugs*
March 30th 2011-7:33
77/2…17.2 overs
I am losing interest now…
To be continued…with the final result and aftermath of victory/loss in the city of lights!

So…we lost the match by 29 runs. And yes we were overcome with sadness for a while, it was heart-wrenching to see Afridi post-match. It was a loss, but we still managed to make it memorable. With newbies crowding the team and oldies caught in controversies, I think we did just fine. The nation stands united behind the team and will love them forever. Go Green!


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