23rd July 2018

The Gem We Call Hamdiya Makarim!

Farewells…it’s only obvious the people hate it. Be it material possession or priceless relationships, letting go is one of the hardest things one has to do. But then again, we do what we have to do, right.
Just today, I bid farewell to a very very dear friend-Hamdiya Makarim. And I want to dedicate this post, just to you Hammy, and spill out all that either I couldn’t, or wouldn’t (for reasons unknown).
When I joined Axact, I had anything but career or professionalism on my mind. Axact was all about Fattu-Shano party time. Shopping, movies, pedicures…this is all that mattered. And then came Hamdiya Makarim, my immediate boss. Very off-handedly she turned me over to Fatma and asked her to take care of all my questions. At that time I said to myself-great! All I had to do was write a few articles daily, which seemed daunting at that point in time by the way, and Hamdiya was off my back.
One unfortunate day, I ran off without submitting the work due at my end and all hell broke loose. The very next day Hammy took me to one of the round table conference rooms, sat me down and gave me my very first, serious to the core, negative feedback session. It was nothing short of a serious kick where it hurts. She told me to grow up, take work seriously or else…
Looking back at that day, I realize I started becoming who I am from that day onwards. She kept a tight rein but often laughed with us-her team. When it came to personal concerns, I could turn to her without a second thought and she would advise me as wisely as possible. But she kept business and pleasure strictly separate. She could be scolding me one minute about missing deadlines and once it’s done, she could be telling me how to manage things at home or amongst friends like a concerned elder sister.
Time passed by and then one fine day, I filed my resignation. Work frustrations got to me and without really talking to anyone, I resigned. Obviously, extremely immature an act at my end. When I told Hammy and others about it, the person who reacted most violently was Hammy! And to-date, I feel touched whenever I recall that day. “Are we dead that you didn’t even bother speaking to me before doing something so major?”…those were her exact words. Anyway, she once again sat with me, sold the idea that I was being absolutely foolish and made me take my decision back.
From that day onwards, I would go to her whenever I came across any obstacle professionally. Be it people management, work management or personal management-Hammy knows the best!
From time to time, we continued to make memories…birthdays, picnics, Friday bazaar, Goldmark-endless venues with innumerable memories.
And last night when she delivered her farewell speech, it finally dawned upon us all that she is leaving us for good. And it was heart-wrenching. I wouldn’t say that we haven’t had our differences…we sure as hell have clashed more times that I would have liked. But beyond that adversity and disagreement is a beautiful person-who is unique, loving, affectionate, helpful and gem of a human being.
Today we bid her farewell and she will be Insha’Allah on her way to Manchester on Monday for higher studies. I wish her very very best in life and pray that you get all that you want and is good for you. Take care of your two chintus…
Love you forever Hammy *hugs*

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4 Comments on The Gem We Call Hamdiya Makarim!

  1. Well its difficult to express that how much i will miss her……… we have many thing common to share but i strongly beleive that dispite the distance we can still continue to share … maybe with little puse. May God bless her and all her dreams and planning comes true. lots to love to hami, Najiha and ghano

  2. i knew Hamdiya since my first day at Axact… She and Makarim Sir was our inspiration or I must say that we fascinate the couple 🙂
    It takes us a long to become more than just colleagues but we came closer in second’s time… God haven’t given me sister but given me people like Hamdiya who smiles with me when I am happy and cries with me on my griefs.
    Hamdiya… I will miss my elder sister forever 🙁 I am sorry that I din’t met you properly on your last day.
    Best of luck for your future… n luv to Najiha & Ghaniya…

  3. each n every word out ere has.. sent goose bumps my way and and.. yesh–am teary eyed now 🙁
    I’ve witnessed all these moments from day one upto now and am amazed how two people’s equation from professional to emotional front evolve over time and stay with you for life..

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