So it’s a common fact that I am no CBM fan. And dude, trust me, I have more reasons that I really care to remember.
This is how the story goes:

I completed my A-levels and was weighing my options for advance studies. I knew I wanted Economics as my majors but choosing the “right” institute appeared as a problem. Without leaving the country, I had only four options: LUMS, CBM, Szabist and KU. LUMS didn’t take me, Szabist was barely established then and I was a little too “burger” for KU. So, CBM was the only choice. My parents advised otherwise for they had heard rumors about it being a party school; and I fought for the exact reason. I wanted social life and friends along with a hint of education. So, fighting and clawing my way, I finally ended up on CBM’s dusty doorstep.
The first two semesters were fun. I had great friends like Emma, amber, Sana, Raza, Rohail, Shabana, and so many others. Because of them I could ignore when my economics’ teacher taught us wrong concept of PPC curve. I tried to correct that respectable McGill graduate but to no avail. I could also ignore when my math teacher unnecessarily touched my friend’s face when we went to request that he return my confiscated cell phone-only because of my friends.

Then came third semester and a professional opportunity I couldn’t ignore. I was certain I will be able to manage just fine. I took both academic and professional commitments, and thus distanced from my friends. And CBM suddenly became impossible. I would lose my patience when the teacher wouldn’t show up, when my instructors were incompetent and too lecherous to be a part of academia.
Still I continued. I understood the need for a degree and tried. But then I started skipping classes altogether. It seemed too wasted an effort. I remember this teacher for managerial economics who would read out from the book, look up, say “it’s understood obviously” and would continue with his newscaster act. And then this was this other irritating female, pretending to be a teacher, who had no idea was M1, M2 and M3 meant but was supposedly teaching “internet banking”.
With such screaming concerns unaddressed, CBM paid due attention to attendance of a student or lack of it as was my case.
Oh, and I forgot this particular incident: I taught accounting to this guy and he got an A whereas I got a B. I heard money exchanged hands before grades were finalized. No offence to the A-grader-he is still a dear friend. But I won’t forget that smoking-addict teacher for tainting my view of CBM for the first time.
Anyway, attendance was always a concern where I was concerned. To date, I have never failed a course. However, I have more Fs than I would like to have-primarily for I would not be there to take crap from some of the horribly incompetent teachers. I remember a lot of my friends would run away from the class as soon as the teacher would take attendance and turn towards the board. It seemed too juvenile to me. I valued my time and wanted it to be respected if I was dedicating it for a class. Huh, wishful thinking on my part.
Anyway, time went by, and so did I. CBM became too painful to endure any further.
Also, when I joined, I had impressive seniors to guide me. But soon education became too commercial and the Institute starting accepting every tom, dick and harry-literally. It became too crowded; I saw no attitude, smartly dressed young men and women or genius anymore. It was…ordinary. CBM had become ordinary.
And then came a time when I would register, pay thousands of grands, take 3 classes and then not be able to will myself to go to the Institute anymore. This continued for good 3 semesters before it was time to quit-for good.
So, as the procedure defines, I submitted an application to withdraw funds in my account with CBM-which amounted to Rs.55,000. And guess what? When I went to collect my cheque, I got one for Rs.27,000 and the reasoning being that the remaining funds can be carried forward to another semester but not withdrawn! I had clearly stated my intention of discontinuing-but I could be screaming amongst deaf for all the attention my request got.
And thus, I bid farewell to CBM. Maybe forever. Or maybe I will return. Can’t say for sure…MBA bi tou kerna hai na!
(the title was just too funny a suggestion to let alone!)
(Photo credits: the picture was originally clicked by Saad; I got it offthe net and edited it!)