With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, Yahoo! teamed up with Sports Illustrated to ask 20,000 men how they really feel about hairstyles, manicures and February 14th. Then, to complete the whole Mars meets Venus picture, they asked women to weigh in, too.

Here’s what was concluded, and just goes down to prove that men are truly from Mars:

Which hairstyle is the hottest?

He says: Long waves (80%), followed by choppy bob (12%) and a pixie cut (8%).

She says: Long waves! (73%)

What will you buy your wife/girlfriend for V-Day?

64% say flowers

19% forget to buy anything

17% say jewelry

Which Jennifer would be your ultimate dream date: Aniston, Love Hewitt, Garner or Lopez?

Aniston (41%), followed by Love Hewitt (33%). Garner and Lopez tie with 13% each.

What is the sexiest trend right now?

He says: Over-the-knee boots (67%)

She says: Agreed! (58%)

Thoughts on skinny jeans?

He says: They don’t do it for me (45%)

She says: They’re hot! (47%)

Do you care if a woman has a manicure?

75% of men say no.

Your take on hair extensions?

He says: Not hot (84%)

She says: Not hot! (82%)