The absence of presence

Clinging-how easy it is. How natural it is. Especially when you have had a sturdy, supporting wall of a person day in day out, and all of a sudden you have empty, biting air next to you-smirking at your loss and adding fuel to your miserable fire.
I see him every day at work. Spend hours together. Share laughter over work jokes and silly dreams for our future together. And then something has him distracted and he needs to give time to something else. He cannot make it to work and when he does, we have to cut down our hours together.
For everyone else, things remain unaltered. But for me, the world has flipped upside down.
I am too used to seeing him, having him by my side, whispering secrets when no one is looking and pretending somber when surrounded by people. And my need, need for him, goes unfulfilled.
I get angry. Anger seems to be my natural reaction to almost every unpleasant and disappointing incident. I don’t exactly know how I feel…just that maybe I miss the presence…
Another pointless doodling.

2 thoughts on “The absence of presence

  1. there’s someone whom i love the most and she didn’t came to work today. i can totally relate my feelings to your post right now. you are such a nice writer, keep up the good work 🙂

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