No Problem and Band Baaja Baraat: A comparative Review!

This Friday saw two comedies locking horns with each other as Anees Bazmi’s ‘No Problem’ took on ‘Yash Raj’s ‘Band Baaja Baraat’. However, both the films are poles apart in terms of execution and watchable quotient. Here is a comparison:
   1. Story: ‘No Problem’, contrary to its title, is replete with problems. The major flaw is the non existence of a proper story and a threadbare screenplay. A circus of characters has been hastily woven around a diamond heist to churn up a film that is pathetic. ‘Band Baaja Baraat’, on the other hand, is a fresh film spinning around the lavish Delhi weddings and how two characters chance into each others’ lives.
   2. Performances: ‘No Problem’ deals in mediocrity. Be it Anil Kapoor or Sanjay Dutt or Sushmita or the sexy Kangana, there is nothing unusual or unforgettable about their performances except the laudable ones from veteran Paresh Rawal and talented Vijay Raaz. On the contrary, Anushka Sharma and debutant Ranveer Singh conjure up a scintillating chemistry which is hard to miss and impossible not to feel.
3. Direction and dialogues: If ‘No Problem’ comes with poor direction and feeble dialogues, ‘Band Baaja Baraat’ scores in this department with a very fine work by director Maneesh Sharma and dialogue writer Habib Faisal.
So, in short, there should be no question mark as to which film you need to head to this week!

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