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Last week had me visiting our local sorry-case-for-a-cinema rather frequently. I started off by being truly touched with “Guzaarish”, entertained by “Band, Baaja, Baraat” and finally shrugging by “No Problem”


Starring Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai, this is a must watch tragic movie of the year. Revolving around a taboo-Euthanasia, the story begins with Hrithik being the king of the world of magic but an accident has him paralyzed from the neck and below. Being absolutely helpless, he has to have a nurse to attend him at all times-and this is where Aishwarya steps in. A not-so-gorgeous Ash works day in day out, and is secretly in love with her patient.
Anyway, Hrithik files in an appeal to allow Euthanasia for his condition is assumed to be permanent, but has to face disappointment. But he doesn’t give up. He starts a campaign via his radio show, and calls in for people’s opinion and support for his cause. Unfortunately, he gains nothing.
The story unfolds and mesmerizes the audience by glimpses of his past and the glory he used to live. The to and fro does a lot for the film’s overall appeal. Furthermore, Aditya Roy’s character adds laughter on and fun, without over-riding the innate tragedy that the movie circles around.
Personally, one particular scene had me falling in love with the movie again and again. It had silent tears rolling down my cheek as well, yet I enjoyed and FELT it with absolute amazement.
Ash’s work day end and she leaves for the night. Aditya is supposed to check on Hrithik every now and then, but he dozes off. Hrithik’s mom is staying over as they had their appeal’s hearing in the day but she is rather sad about the direction things are proceeding in. It’s raining cats and dogs outside and the roof of Hrithik’s rooms starts leaking. On a cold stormy night, he is alone, helpless and droplets are steadily dripping from the roof and crashing against his forehead. His good humor strengthens him initially but as a small puddle of water starts to form around his head, he starts to feel the chill in his core.
When his nurse and “supposed to be” attendant arrive in the morning, they find a very vulnerable Hrithik shivering, his teeth chattering and fever rising by the minute. There is uproar all around and then they found out that yesterday’s depressing hearing gas claimed Hrithik’s mom’s life…

Band Baaja Baraat

Firstly, if there weren’t English subtitles, I wouldn’t have understood more than half of the movie. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have enjoyed it. With Anushka looking fresh and super-gorg, and Ranveer singh with his sometimes-visible-raw-sex-appeal, the movie had all the elements to be an instant hit.
Basically, the movie is about two college graduates, Anushka and Ranveer and their respective career. Ranveer comes from a small-time village, with a family business of sugarcane. Once he completes his education, he is going back to his “gaao” unless he has a very strong reason to stay in the city. To escape his tyrannical brother, he makes up an excuse that he has established a business and can’t leave. Cornered, Ranveer begs Anushka to let him be her business partner-a partner for Shaadi Mubarak. Anushka is a pro at arranging weddings and had decided to take is on as a business venture. She does take him in but with a rule-never fall in love with the one you are working with.
 But love does happen. And the sad bit is, it is one sided. No, Ranveer doesn’t fall in love. Anushka does. A happy, happening and successful friendship soon turns really sour and they part ways-not so happily.
The movie continues to show some rather funny moments, sad episodes and romantic illustrations.
This particular movie also offers the glam quotient that was starkly missing from Guzaarish. It’s all about colors, brightness and joviality. Both the lead roles are carefully, albeit amazingly, dressed throughout the movie and serve as a visual treat for many of us. Music is upbeat and fun.
However, script is what makes it a roaring success. Funny banter between Anushka and Ranveer, confessions and confrontations…all the dialogues are written with a delectable crisp and delivered with excellence. Another absolutely must watch!

No Problem

I don’t even feel like writing about this particular movie-primarily for I couldn’t bear to watch any of it without rolling my eyes and was searching for a comfy position for a cat-nap in the theatre. Here is a post from
“If you aren’t yet tired of busting your guts over a bunch of oddball characters caught in a madcap diamond heist, then Anees Bazmee’s new laugh riot “No Problem” indeed promises to be a rib-tickling experience for you. However, for the more challenging cinegoers, who dig for some genuine mirth in comic flicks, this film hardly manages to impress. With a languid plotline, half-baked characters and hamming dialogues, Anees Bazmee’s new laugh-a-thon turns out to be a painful poke on the ribs.
 After the rip-roaring success of ‘No Entry’, ‘Welcome’ and ‘Singh Is Kinng’ one would have definitely expected Anees Bazmee’s new slapstick ‘No Problem’ to be another goofy addition to his super-successful laugh riots. However, after watching this flick, one is surely left wondering how someone as seasoned and successful as Bazmee could come up with a slapstick that is totally devoid of fun, flavor and funny gags.
 Agreed, ‘No Problem’ doesn’t have a sassy plot. But it genuinely lacks crackling dialogues, clever one-liners, bursting-with-energy sequences and even the ‘typical’ amusing goings-on to make your two precious hours in the cineplex worth it. In fact, unlike Bazmee’s former funny feats, the multi-starrer ‘No Problem’ struggles badly with its incoherent plot line, threadbare wit and lackadaisical performance.
However, if you aren’t much bothered about inanities like sense and sensibility and are happy to leave your quest for meaningful masala at home, then there is little stopping you from enjoying this cornball caper. Anil Kapoor, the leader of the brat pack, in his foolish cop act, is quite entertaining. Sushmita Sen as hamming schizophrenic wife and Suniel Shetty as hardcore robber Marco, however, doesn’t seem to have the same edge. Sanjay Dutt and Akshaye Khanna, the two buddies in crime, seem to get their comic timing perfect while giggly-headed beauty queen Kangana Ranaut’s fails to stun the audience with her new-found avatar. Vijay Raaz, in his role of a nihilistic nutjob, is the show stealer here and pulls up a great feat with his wacky suicidal act.
 To cut the long story short, two small-time crooks, a mean mobster and his moll, a clumsy cop and his schizophrenic wife, a bimbette and an unfortunate victim fails to pack a punch at the box-office. However, if you are game for some crazy, saucy, loony farce that doesn’t comes packed with too much sense, then ‘No problem’ promises to be worth your penny.”

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