10 Conversations You Should Always Have in Person-Always!

It’s so easy to keep up with your friends via Facebook and Twitter … you get reminders of birthdays, you know when they’ve had a tough day, and you can keep up with all the latest without ever picking up the phone. With everyone’s lives being so busy, it’s a great way to keep up with a wider circle of friends on a daily basis than you otherwise would ever be able to do.
But there are some conversations it’s just better to have in person or at least over the phone; tone of voice, facial expression, and intent can all be lost when the communication happens over a computer screen versus face to face.
Here are 10 conversations that should involve an actual voice and even a face, if possible …
1) The breakup: Seriously, do people even do this, break up with people via text or Facebook? And is there some sort of blacklist we can put them on so they can never date again until they learn to not be such jerks? Unless it’s someone you randomly hooked up with once — not cool.
 2) The birthday call: Doesn’t your best friend deserve more than a texted HPY BDAY 2 U?
3) Condolences: Write a short note in a sympathy card and send it. It will mean more than you know to the people on the receiving end that you took the time to do that.
4) Asking someone out: Anyone who can’t ask you out in person is either too wussy to be bothered with or not at all serious about dating you. And if things go well …
5) The first “I love you”: Grow a pair and say it in person; better to know if they will blow you off with “And I love … fudge!” than to send a wimpy little text.
6) Announcing your pregnancy: For your whole entire 542 Facebook friends list, fine. But don’t let your best friend, favorite aunt, or God forbid your mom find out this way.
7) Announcing your divorce: Again, your whole Facebook crew can find out when you change your relationship status. Your closest friends, not to mention your ex-partner’s family, shouldn’t find out that way.
8) Any family fight: No one wants to follow your intriguing family drama on Facebook, and if you ever want to know how small the world is, put “My husband’s sister is a self-involved jerk” as your Facebook or Twitter status and see how fast it gets back to her.
9) “Gentle reminders” to your spouse that they forgot to get the milk, pick up their socks, or move their shoes from the hall where you trip on them every frickin’ time you walk through. U R A JRK is better said in person, with elaboration.
10) An intervention: The whole “I love you, and I want you to stop hurting yourself” line is a lot more convincing face to face.

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