Sshhh, don’t tell my mom but yes, I did always want to elope. Actually, I was rather cynical when it came to the institution of marriage since childhood. Initially I didn’t want to marry. Then I wanted to marry four times; after all, men have that option, so why not me? After that, I wanted to marry one man but over and over, indifferent ways by following different rituals and cultures. And now, I have finally decided to marry one person, one time…but I want to elope and marry him on some deserted island. And no, I have no romantic fantasies behind this idea.

I have seen people arranging for weddings up close…family, friends and all. And boy, it’s more scary and frustrating than delivering a baby (which, by the way, happens to be the biggest fear of my life). So if it is bigger and scarier than that, imagine how gruesome preparing for wedding could be.

From taking care of gigantic tasks, like arranging for venue, dresses and jewellery, there are rituals that you couldn’t imagine even if you tried. From funny little things like shower cap, safety pins and cuticle remover, to presents for your mother-in-law’s second cousin’s daughter’s husband’s sister! Like seriously…before today, I didn’t even know that woman existed and now all of a sudden, I am running around the city buying presents for her?

I won’t be absolutely selfish. It is a major pain for bride and groom’s parents as well. Finances, responsibilities, an endless to-do list…just not fair. They are not getting any younger and they don’t need this pile of stress.

So from today onwards, I officially endorse eloping.

Just make sure your parents know and you have everything planned for the two of you =D

Happy eloping!