If you live in a city like Karachi, where winter essentially means cold breezes on and off, life doesn’t change all that much as we transcend from summer to its flip side.

But somethings do alter. Like your wardrobe. Just about now I was deciding as to what should I wear to work tomorrow and I came across a black summer shirt. Just when I was to throw it in the heap of what not to wear clothes, I came across a huge black shirt, with sexy long sleeves that seem to go on forever. And I thought, hmm paired with a black summer shirt and dark denim, not bad at all. And then I thought I have another reason to absolutely love winters in our part of the world. You can finally wear all the denim you want, pair it with super cozy yet light sweaters and jackets..dig out those dusty boots and add some serious colour with big, bright bags.

On the flip side, winter isn’t the best season when it comes to hair. At least not for me. They seem to go limp and lack their usual bounce. So my personal solution is to cold-blow dry my hair after shower. This does straighten them but adds some natural volume.

Many stylists suggest bright nail colours in winters and I agree. With long sleeves being the order of the day, mainly your nails and fingers are the only parts of your hands that are visible to all and sundry. So paint your nails and toes some happy bright colour.

Oh and how can I forget coffee. Although many of us slurp coffee throughout the year, there is something special about having coffee in winters. It’s legitimate now. Many swap coffee with hot chocolate but as long as it’s a warm beverage, we are all for it.

Lastly, sinful sleep. How we hate waking up in the morning, letting go of our respective warm comforter..sleep is one drug that is most thoroughly enjoyed in winters.

Anyway, so ladies and gentlemen, please do enjoy your winters and if there is somethin else that you particularly enjoy about winters, do leave a comment here.

Happy coziness!