22nd July 2018

5 Things That Make a Woman Sexy

Maybe People crowned a “Sexiest Man Alive” but we think the ladies are pretty sexy too! What does make a woman sexy? Surely many things, but we asked some real guys what they found to be the most sexy features in women.

1. Confidence: As in our “5 Things That Make A Man Sexy” article, confidence was overwhelmingly the top answer. “When a woman is sure of herself, it’s a big turn-on,” said Kevin from Los Angeles.

2. Eyes: Despite another pair of things you think they might be eyeing, eyes are actually the body part men mentioned most!

3. A nice figure: Not tiny, curvy, tall, or short, just “nice,” and by nice, all of the men we spoke to had a different way of defining that. Some like “curvy” while some mentioned that they like “tall, thin” girls. So sometimes, ladies, it might just be that that man you are eyeing has a thing for big booties, and you pride yourself on your size 0 frame. It’s not wrong, it’s just not what he is looking for!

4. Grooming: Ladies, it is worth the extra time at the nail salon, and the time you are spending on your hair and makeup – guys notice good grooming! “A girl can be a knockout from far away, but if you get close and her breath smells like smoke, her nails are scraggly, and her hair is not brushed, I think ‘Ugh, I don’t want her to touch me!’” Allen from Stamford, CT says.

5. Dressing for her figure: Men rarely know what season your shoes are from or that your top is actually from Ross Dress For Less. The men we talked to mentioned that they like when a girl dresses appropriately for her figure. “When I see a curvy girl in a dress that compliments her figure, it is a big turn on. When women dress in clothes that are trendy but do not fit them right, it’s very unattractive,” Ron from Queens said.

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  1. i think the reason men like wowen first is she like a women or not, then her performa with her body after that is what she wearing……that my opinion.

  2. Really cant say how I got to this page or what it is for. Truth is i was searching for a pretty face to put on my focus board. (the secret) Anyway Google got me here because of the picture at the top and I ended up reading this. Strange enough it is all true. It is the Eyes that brought me to this picture and it is the confidence in them that I like (there is more but…). So I read the rest and as a Male I must say I agree with everything said.
    Anyway gonna skip the rest of the site and get back to work.

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