You have probably purchased many watches in your lifetime, either for yourself or as gifts, but when was the last time you actually wore one? You can find many great watches online, but when do people actually wear watches anymore? For me it was about five years ago. Like many people in this day and age, I rely on my cell phone, my computer, or even my cable box to tell the time. (I don’t even have a proper alarm clock anymore–I use my phone.) According to a recent UK survey conducted by consumer analyst firm Mintel, 14% of people have stopped wearing a watch, now relying solely on their phone or computer clock, while 28% of people under 25 years old say they have no use for a watch. Additionally, 91% of those polled owned a cell phone while only 86% even owned a watch. Watches are just not as important these days!

Tamara Sender, Senior Fashion Analyst at Mintel, said: “Many consumers have grown up with technology and are just as likely to associate the notion of checking the time with a mobile handset as with a watch and as they grow older this mindset will accompany them. Mobile phone ownership is booming and increased usage by all ages could pose a threat to demand for standard watches in the long-term.”

What Sender says is definitely true, but we love a good watch. Everything from a Rolex to a classic Swatch watch. They’re not just important for getting you places on time, they can also be bold fashion accessories. That said, if our world has time-keeping gadgets everywhere, would it be silly to wear a watch for solely aesthetic purposes?

Watches aren’t the only item suffering these days. The Walkman cassette player just retired, and answering machines, camera film, and CD-ROMS are on their way out. Newspapers and magazines are also closing due to the popularity of websites and blogs.