18th July 2018

Bring nature inside your cubicle and home!

The cruelty of office cubicle land gets particularly bitter in the summer, when birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and you, poor dear, are stuck inside in the land of gray. Here are some simple tips to help you bring nature’s stamp not only onto that corporate-issued space, but in your home, as well. A bouquet of flowers look just as lovely on your bedside table as it does on your desk, and some of the ideas here are perfectly fit for transforming your standard box apartment into a forest of enchantment. Read on, nature lover!

Freshen up the color palette

Pops of color in greens and blues can remind us of the grass, sea, and sky. Floral pillows and bedspreads can make you feel like you’re dreaming in a field of daisies, and neutrals like sea grass baskets and lampshades transport you to the beach.

Plants, duh.

Plants connect us to the earth, and help purify indoor air. Plants are the number one thing he tries to get clients to change about their homes. Try Chinese evergreens, rubber trees, or peace lilies.

Fresh flowers

Bristling at the plant suggestion? Some of us just aren’t the green thumb type, and if that’s you, spring for fresh flowers every now and then. They’re a luxury to be sure, but a more worthy one than diamonds and pearls; a bouquet of spider mums can really cheer up your cubicle.

Bring in natural elements

A tableau of shiny rocks or seashells in a spot where you see them can remind you of your favorite hiking spot or last year’s beach vacation. Put down a rug of sea grass where winter’s kilim was.

Change your screen saver from those weird laser beams to something fresh.

Another office switch: make your screen saver the most sumptuous picture of the natural world, whether that means a field of lavender you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing in real life, or the forest where you regularly go camping.

Try natural potpourri

Instead of flowers by your computer monitor, stick fronds of rosemary in a vase, or tuck sachets of lavender in with your pens and highlighters so you get a calming scent when you frantically yank open the drawer. At home, bring a small pot of herbs and fruit peels to a simmer on the stove top to naturally fragrance the air. Try rosemary and orange peels, bay leaves or herbes de Provence.

Window boxes

At home, channel your inner European with window boxes (don’t you just think of villages tucked into snow-capped mountains). They help visually extend your living space, and who doesn’t like looking out the windows to a bevy of blooms? It’s better than the stunning view of your neighbor’s recycling.

Wall stencils

This one’s definitely for home, or human resources might be after you. But can you think of anything much more magical than waking up under a chickadee-filled tree every morning? Stencils leave their fussy, ’80s image in the dust when they’re larger than life. And putting them up is so easy – all you need are basic tools that you probably already have at home!

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