22nd July 2018


somehow I can’t fathom it. I can’t grasp and understand the reasons behind my unleashed emotions. But what I do know, and have always believed, that there is nothing half as powerful as sincere love. It won’t always end with a smile, and might even cut you down to pieces and leave you bleeding at sidewalk…but that pain won’t seem to dent the euphoria that you feel otherwise. My parents always taught me how there is nothing as pious as the act of giving. They meant somethin else but it seems true in this case too. When you really truly love someone, it doesn’t matter what you get in return. The fact that the other person is happy, loved you or loves you with all its being and…just the sight of them will brighten your world in a snap.

I may be a die hard romance fan but my addiction is based on reasons and evidence..
To all those who are in love, cherish it. Its worth it all..

And those who somehow lost their way, find it back.

Love..for it makes world beautiful 🙂

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