Lazy girl’s guide to skincare

I have a rather shameful admission to make. It is a confession that would likely shock my beauty-obsessed coworkers and bring shame upon my household … perhaps that last bit’s a tad dramatic, but I just want to really impart upon you how disreputable I believe this admittance to be. Here it is:

My skin care regimen consists of: washing my face. Once a day. That’s it.

Luckily, my complexion isn’t awful these days, but it is by no means perfect like some women’s, such as those who use something like it’s skin power 10 formula vc effector or other products. And the problem is, I know better, heck it’s not even that I know better, it’s that I gab away about the importance of an anti-aging skin care regimen for healthy skin and I don’t even follow one myself. My head is officially hung.

So why am I admitting this dirty little secret? Two reasons: one, I believe I am not alone in this — I can’t be the only woman feeling too busy or lazy to deal with a 12-step skin routine every day, right? And two, I need to learn how to lead a busy life and still take care of my skin. When I do think about all the times where I haven’t made skincare my priority,
it is quite upsetting. I know it is important for my skin, which is why I will try harder to get it into my routine every morning and night. If you are someone who is dealing with looking after the intimate areas too as well as your general skincare routine, be sure to check out a site like to do this in the safest way possible. Of course, the products you use on your face will not be the same as the products you will use down below. But no matter what issue you want to solve, as long as you eventually get the results you are after, that will be great. A lot of times, skincare can be hit or miss, but if you stick with it, you will eventually see results, no matter what area you are dealing with.

So, how am I dealing with this “problem”? I went to the experts: medical aesthetician Susan Perry and Beverly Hills board certified dermatologist Doctor Harold A. Lancer for what I call “The Busy Gal’s Guide to Skin Care.” Here are some of the tips they gave me, hopefully they help you too:

Tip 1: Clean out your skin care closet

When you have a ton of different skin care products staring at you from your medicine cabinet, it can all start to feel too overwhelming. Instead of feeling bogged down or suffocated by so many options, pare down your routine. Because despite what QVC or commercials might be telling you, you only need a few key items to keep your skin healthy. You don’t need any sort of twelve-step program. So grab your trash bin and get to work.

First, throw out any expired products. Then, toss any eye cream or moisturizer where the water has separated from the product and is resting on top — this is a sign of a spoiled product. Lastly, trash product you don’t use on a daily basis or haven’t touched in over a month. Then, if it’s still crowded in there, read the next few slides to determine the exact products to keep and then the rest can go.

Tip 2: Have a simple A.M. skin care routine you can actually stick to

Here’s the simple, anti-aging skin care regimen Lancer and Perry recommend. It requires four products and takes about three minutes:
1) Cleanse with a non-soap cleanser
2) Gently exfoliate
3) Prevent/correct with vitamin C and antioxidants
4) UVA/UVB protection

Tip 3: Ditto for a basic p.m. skin care routine

Your nighttime routine can be extremely simple, says Perry, and should include the following:
p.m. routine:
1) Cleanse
2) Correct/Repair with a retinoid

Tip 4: Use multi-tasking skin care products

Sometimes it’s easier to have one product for each skin care need, like the five separates mentioned in the previous a.m. routine slide, to keep things simple, yet comprehensive. Other times we multi-taskers of the world want skin care products that kill two birds with one stone. Take tea tree oil for example. As well as being an antiseptic, this product also helps with calming inflammation of your skin and assists in reducing acne scars too. If this sounds like something you would want to add to your skin care routine, it may be worth looking into a company like Rouh Essentials. Adding a few drops of this into your moisturiser will ensure that you don’t forget to follow this step day and night. This is the type of multi-purpose product we are looking for.

Tip 5: Get healthy skin without products

If you want to spend less time fussing over your skin, your goal should be to have the healthiest skin possible. The easiest way to keep your skin healthy if you’re on-the-go is to eat right and stay hydrated.
“I always tell my clients to watch what they eat when they are traveling or working a lot,” says Lancer, as “salt reduction is critically important for healthy skin.” Why? Salt decreases the water intake of your internal organs and when your organs are dehydrated, they suck the water out of your skin and leave you with sallow, dry, cracked skin, he says. So, if you’re grabbing quick food while on the run, pay extra attention to nutritional labels.

Protein intake is also essential for healthy, youthful skin says Lancer. He recommends protein be 40 percent of your dietary intake. Why? If your protein intake isn’t high enough, the “amino acids in the blood stream are insufficient to stimulate collagen and elastin production,” he advises.

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