22nd June 2018

From friendship to love, and return…

Friday, October 01, 2010

I have had friends screaming down my ear-once you breakup, you can’t be friends with him anymore!
As is customary, I pay them no heed *evil*
I ask-why not?
*sits down in a corner, with her pink thinking hat on*
Let’s see. I will imagine.
There is a guy. I obviously trust him, have similar wavelength and enjoy his company.
We spend a lot of time together, then some more time alone and then start seeing each other in a different light. Now when he looks in my direction, it feels different. Now physical contact, however petty, gives me goose bumps. To cut it short, world is different now. Or maybe I am. Regardless, things just aren’t same.
He proposes, I accept and we get into a romantic relationship.
Everything is hunky dory-we talk for hours on phone, my every whim is his religion and his priorities essentially come before mine. We eat together, walk for hours (hand in hand) and days turn into weeks, and then months. But once we cross the threshold of three month, transformation sets in. now hour long conversation is a nuisance, staying in touch becomes reporting and plans for future become imposition. Suffice is to say that things have gone sour. We would love to be in love, but we just aren’t getting anywhere (with each other that is).
Fights, arguments, suspicion, mistrust and painful exchange of words finally bring us to an end. We do value each other, realize that the other is a great person and would always love them, but maybe we aren’t soul mates.
And thus, one fine day, we break up. Now what?
For a day, he becomes a big grumpy teddy bear. For two days, I cry my eyes out and get depressed.
But on third day, we come back to our senses.
And then we decide to be civil, and continue being friends.
Yes, when I want someone to share things with someone, I miss him gravely.
Maybe when he misses his van because no one woke him up, he would miss me too.
But an end, sooner or later, was inevitable.
But what happens when we come face to face? How do I react? How does he? Is it as easy as I thought? Am I really no more in love? Can I actually be friends with him?
To be continued…

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