Sigh. There are 5 good reasons that you should, and another 5 reasons why you shouldn’t get back with your ex. Ever. Pick a side that resonates the most with your circumstances.

Don’t take them back because:

You Can Never Make It Like It Used to Be

Some relationships simply can’t withstand that moment when the magic ends. No need to get back together and beat a dead horse.

It Might Be for the Wrong Reasons

When you have that familiarity with each other, it’s so easy to fall into bad habits. For example, I’ve gotten back together with many women as a temporary Band-Aid for our mutual loneliness (which usually plays itself out in the form of sex with no real relationship).

They Might Hurt You Again

Obviously, if someone hurt you, they could do the exact same thing again. So, on top of the pain, you’ll feel stupid making the same mistake twice.

They’ll Think They Can Get Away with Anything

If you take someone back, they may think they can get away with treating you badly and they’ll take advantage of you. You don’t want to be that person, so think hard before you take that risk.

You Have No Room to Grow

Meeting new people helps you grow, and you learn from each new relationship. Going back to the old relationship might stunt your growth as a person…and prevent you from meeting someone better.

Give Them Another Chance Because…

We All Deserve a Second Chance

There’s power in forgiveness. If you expect perfect behavior in your significant others, you’ll be disappointed, and breaking up often.

Losing You Made Them Get Their Act Together

The reality of losing someone causes people to get their act together. They do some soul-searching to figure out where they went wrong and they realize how they should develop to be better in the relationship the next time around.

You Might Regret Not Taking Them Back

We’ve all be there before with the one who got away. Sometimes it’s worth taking the risk to take someone back simply because we know we’ll regret it later, and wonder what could have been.

It’s Impossible Not to Take Them Back

Usually, your heart is wrong and your head is right, but your heart wins out. Sometimes it’s impossible to say “no,” and that’s OK. Just don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work out.

It Could Be Better Than It Ever Was

This is rare, in my opinion, but my parents are a good example of this. They got back together after a separation and they’ve been happy together ever since. Sometimes a break helps you sit back and take stock of everything. If the growth you do while you’re apart is complementary, then you might be able to give it another shot.

Ultimately, I’d lean toward not taking someone back. I think it’s important to move on and meet new people and gain experience. It’s definitely riskier to take someone back than it is not to let them back in your life.