We have all heard about how amazing it is, how you fall in true love only once in your life, how your world changes for good and forever when that once particularly person struts in your live. Personally, I do not endorse any of the above mentioned or similar claims.

Firstly, I believe that a person, a normal human being, can fall in love more than once. It is a natural human need and you will always want affection and care. Some, however, may be hesitant recipients but they cannot deny their innate need.

But, although a person can fall in love more than once, you can never fall as hard or deep as you did the first time. The reason is simple. That very first time, you are exploring. You are unaware of rosy thorns or bitter bliss. You push your limits, and nothing is too low or too high. It is when you are ready to give it all. It is when you believe in happiness that lasts forever. This is the time, the only time, when you take love and commitment as sacredly as you do religion.

It is not necessary that your first romantic relationship is your true first love as well. I have known a person who has been with a very nice, decent and caring guy for 7 years before she fell in love with someone else. This latter relationship lasted for almost 2 years. But it was love. Her first true love. Thus, you might have had flings and relationships, but surely true love and first relationship do not necessarily initiate together.

That said, in my naïve days, I used to wonder why can’t a person put all of those emotions the second and third time as well…and alas I found my answer.

It’s call self defence mechanism.

I slap you once, you will be vigilant when I raise my hand the second time, even if I plan to pat your back lovingly. The same way, when we invest all our emotions into a relationship and it ultimately fails, we guard ourselves by being secretly pessimistic and reluctant.

We do say we love each other a lot but somewhere you have a safety cushion to subdue the blow in case you fall, face down. 

My verdict:

Yes, “first love” is actually worth all the hype surrounding it!