Reality Check, thanks to Umer Noor

It has been a very long time since I met someone as authentic as Umer. He is irritating for most part, and rudely blunt the rest. He is honest to a fault. And today he said something that not only hit home but is also worthy of a blog post. He said:

You know sometimes we human beings rush into things. We want to fall headlong into love and we just force ourselves to fall. When we don’t even really want it. And then we just sort of cling to the other person even though we are not really in love with them. But just for the sake of not being alone we keep hanging on. And we grip so hard in order to not fall off that we hurt the other person and they try to shake you off but you think its the ride that is bumpy, making you cling much harder. At such a time we need to clear our head, sit quietly and think. Think about everything and see where you stand. True in your heart and true in your mind. In complete harmony with honest thoughts, we need to make a decision. Sometimes it is easy and at others, plain hard to imagine even implementing the solution cuz it hurts so bloody bad. But you got to be strong and take the step in order to save urself from destruction.”

Disillusionment is not the way to be. I truly cherish your friendship dude, and hope that you get married to the girl of my choice.

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