Theory about why you are SO different from your sibling

I often wonder what makes people so different from each other. How can two people, brought up in the same household, be as different from one another as night from day.

And to date, I don’t have a concrete answer. But I do have a theory.

It’s something I call individual differences. In my head, every individual has a core of one basic colour. That colour is innate and is not created by external forces. It’s essentially a baby.

Once exposed to the world, the core attracts different colours to add to its existence and help nurture self. But not everyone is invited to this party.

There are all kinds of colours (traits and characteristics) in the external environment, but the core will only attract elements who belong to the same colour family as the core. For example, if you have a red core, you will attract burgundy, pink or rose. You won’t accept blue or green, and those particular traits won’t be welcome in your personality development marathon.

And that’s why, child, you are nothing like your sister/brother!

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