Here’s how Sonakshi Sinha lost 30kgs!

Sonakshi Sinha Fitness

It’s Sonakshi Sinha! Shatrugan Sinha’s Daughter!

For people who are still lost, she is the leading actress in the latest Bollywood flick-Dabaang.
When I saw her in the movie, I thought she lacks “the” glamour and is more suited for Star Plus’ soaps.
But she ignited my interest when I saw this:
But hold! In the movie she looked like this:
Then? How?
And then a friend told me she lost 30kgs. And then the world stopped-30 kgs! You mean 66.2 pounds!
Instantly I knew I had to share this.
For those interested in “how”, I apologize. I tried to find it. But couldn’t find much. Quench your thirst with the following for a while:
An interviewer asked her: You have lost a lot of weight. The transformation from fat to fit is apparent.
She said: I was anything but fit. Most credit goes to Salman but there were a lot of people around telling me to lose weight. So it started off as a conscious effort to lose weight and maintain my health but eventually when I started seeing the results, I started looking better and I started getting more confident and it translated into what I am today. However my gymming and dieting are still on, they are part of a never-ending process.
To another interviewer, she revealed:
Determination is the key
Sonakshi was 90 kgs when she was pursuing a course in fashion design. That’s when she realised that she needed to change her lifestyle, not just to lose weight but to be healthy.
‘I was determined to lose weight, so I went to the gym twice a day and had a high protein diet with no carbs. Spinning helped me tremendously. My regular fitness regime also consists of weight training. I have recently started hot yoga for toning – performing asanas in a steamed room with 40 degrees temperature.’
Diet secret
‘Stop eating carbs after six in the evening and drink several cups of green tea throughout the day.’
Sonakshi also insists that you must hit the gym along with keeping a check on your calorie intake.
Sports v/s gym
I like to workout with someone. My yoga instructor has helped me a lot. I also prefer yoga over aerobics and play tennis at times.
Quick tips on weightloss
Sorry there are no shortcuts! Sonakshi says that there is no way you can shed some kilos in a week.
‘Slow and steady wins the race, so I would never do anything drastic.’

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  1. I have just watched the movie Roudy Rathore and she looks beautify … she has motivated me … currently I am struggling with my weight loss and this has just given me the boost I needed … Jo Main Bolta Hoon, Woh Main Karta Hoon … 🙂

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