In conversation with Ali Ansari

A happy soul with a ready smile, Ali Ansari is a passionate RJ, VJ and an upcoming musician; we met over coffee at Sensation’s office for a quick chat, and found out that this young’un is a lot more than just a talented entertainer.

The moment Ali entered my office there was the air filled up with energy all around him. He is young, vibrant, loves to play music and is highly motivated towards releasing his album. He walked in with a bling in one ear and a friend on one arm (no silly, it wasn’t a girl, it was a guy). He came in with an almost tangible aura of excitement and soon got into the flow and got the party started. Although he is very young compared to other people we have featured in this section and relatively new, there is no talent that he lacks.

Ali started at a tender age of 19 with radio, then moved on to television after two years, still a very young age, his journey from Aaj TV to Hum TV was practical and efficient. Presently he hosts a show on ARYONE world this show on gadgets and games along with shows on FM he is all the rage for teenagers these days.

With an emerging passion for music, Ali is all inspired to release his music album in the coming times. This fervour and ardor for music was obvious and shone through in Dino’s album Suno Zara, where he is featured in two songs, ‘I need to love you’ and ‘tere naal’, which is sung by Dino and have rap verses by Ali Ansari. On the way to produce his album, his first presentation will be a English, Urdu and Punjabi rap song called Senorita which is already playing on FM stations these days.

Considering himself the pioneer of introducing rap in Hip Hop music (Last we heard some good rap was in [eP]’s alternative rock album by Ahmed Ali Butt), he plans to bring in a new era to the local music scene. He says, “I would want to come up with whole a new era of talented people with unique skills in music. I want the people to know that we are a complete set of music-speaking, music-talking and music-walking generation. I would want people to go attend concerts, gigs, it is a good thing for the music scene to grow but will take time”.

In process of working on his album, he writes his own lyrics, composes his own songs, and the production is done by Faraz Haider, who recently worked on Dino’s album as well. Ali Ansari is in thought process of producing the video of his first song Senorita.

Ali proclaims our work is improving our industry is growing and the new coming generation is rightly innovative when it comes to media and entertainment. He feels that the older generation is conservative cultural wise but the new generation is quite broad minded, keeping our cultural and social limitations in mind. Keeping this is mind he has tried to avoid any swear words in his rap songs until and unless I make a song for haters, laughs dramatically.

Of the two mediums, radio and television, he prefers the former one. “Radio is a hit thing for me”, he says. He prefers radio as he can easily joke around, take things in control and move them on his way. He loves the mystery involved with radio, he loves the fact that people listening to him are not aware of his looks or how he dresses up, all the public gets attracted to is sweet, mesmerising voice.

When asked where he spends all the money he earns at this bubbling age, with no surprises involved, he said, “Buy shoes, hang out, clothes, and treating friends”. His favourite attires come from Armani, with a good taste in clothes and perfumes he is about to be the next heartthrob kid in town.

For the coming generations he thinks education and getting good grades should be the primary motive. He is a firm believer of sitting in the right kind of gatherings, as bad jamboree can ruin the naïve mind and one’s life.

On a last note he says, “Respect your parents, and family and remember your family comes first.” Well, Asta-la-vista baby, adios!

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  1. he,s awesomest rj evr and a vj ppl who cmmnted ovr here plz do join his Fbook page to interact wid him and his lovely fans ANSARIHOLICS check his tv shw out evry sunday 10 pm on SUN tv 😉

  2. this is really good, ali is an inspiration, and are you the head of 96, cause i don’t get ‘the entering in my office’ part ??….that’d be really cool if u are =)

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