Pakistani female celebrities share what turns them off about men

How many times have you returned from a date to be greeted by a call from your best friend, jumping to know all the details and you wishing that you had something better to tell than sighing and frowning? Welcome to fraternity. What men usually don’t pay attention to while courting is that a woman, irrespective of her age and status, expects certain decorum. No, I am not talking about chivalry, I am referring to those petty details that men tend to casually overlook. So our female celeb fraternity and I bring to our massive male population some guidelines about courting women and wooing a femme fatale.


In the age of sex positivity, people are more open about their fetishes and kinks than ever before. Using a sex swing with high-quality straps is no longer uncommon which really is not something people would have predicted twenty years ago. This is just the tip of the iceberg too. Unsurprisingly, latex is one of the most common fetishes amongst women, so men could visit this fantasy fulfilling Latex wear provider and buy something sexy. However, it may come as a surprise that women generally have a fetish for feet too. So if getting regular pedicures mar your masculinity, take other measures to ensure you have clean, smooth feet. Also, dirty shoes are one of the major turn off for many women. ‘I can’t stand men with dirty shoes, especially white ones’ comments Nirma and Fauzia.

Body Odor!

Based on empirical evidence, I can surely say that body odor is the top reason a woman wouldn’t look twice at you. Men are cursed with over active sweat glands but we surely do have more than enough colognes and deodorants to combat it. At the same time, clumsy about hygiene (slobs to be precise) are a major turn off too. Natasha wincingly shares, “Body Odor! And anything else unhygienic like long nails, bad breath, etc. Ewww!”

Bragging Business

Men usually assume that showing off their wealth would impress a lady when it’s quiet the other way round. Women find such behavior not only superfluous but also irritatingly dominating. Ayesha Omer candidly exclaims, ‘showing off your material possession is definitely one of the major turn offs for me’. Adding to this, Nida said, ‘designer belts with sparkling stones are so in-your-face and repulsive!’.


Another thing women find abhorrent in a man is the inability to talk in an impressive manner. This includes broken or incorrect English, bragging, being ignorant and rude. And talking the hind legs of a donkey is a women’s job, please leave it to us. Men who either talk excessively or cling to their girls immediately turn a woman off. Oh and sense of humor! You know we love to laugh and giggle, and when you fail to either share a joke or crack one, we intuitively take a step back.

Respect Aspect

Although anyone human deserves respect, women generally have to demand it. And men are sensitive enough to always respect women they are courting. But that’s not enough! ‘If a person can’t respect a woman other than me, it’s a flaw in his character. I can’t expect much from him’, Nadya Mistry explains. So, if you can’t find it in yourself to respect or appreciate women at large, be sure your woman will be on a lookout for someone who can.

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