‘Optimal’ investment Portfolio of Emotions

As it seems, 3 am is my prime time for penning down (or rather typing out) my thoughts. Yet again, it’s the same time, and being an insomnia-inflicted person, I sit down to write about something that has been on my mind for a while.

People who have crossed paths with finance in their academic life would know what an investment portfolio is, it may include Bitcoin eToro, real estate (as mentioned below), etc. It is essentially a bundle of investments of varying altitudes, serving the purpose of maximising returns while minimising risk. Often this can include stock market investments, real estate, or even oil and gas – those looking to put money into energy companies and related opportunities can learn more online about the routes that you can take.

If you step back and observe, our life is made of a portfolio as well-investment portfolio of emotions. Family, friends, beloved, with each and every individual, we have or formulate a bond, invest time and feelings and expect a return of some sort. We chose people who are least risky-in other words, we choose people who are most dependable and thus worthy of our investment.

But unlike numbers and trade, emotions aren’t as tangible or predictable.

Beyond your nucleus family, there is a market of all kinds of people. There is a possibility that you might make a wrong choice, invest in the wrong person and suffer loss in the form of heartache and disappointment.

This said, I wanted to find the answer of choosing the right investment prospect. I have suffered a loss recently and I wanted to make calculated choices from now on. There is so much that a person can take and I have reached my limit!

My first, and rather obvious, option is saving. I have the option of not investing at all. I can maintain “clinical” relations and safeguard my emotions from being trampled upon.

The sad bit is I wasn’t made for this. I can’t help befriending people (although I have controlled my impulsive friendships and craving to know people of all sorts by far and large) and creating bonds to be cherished over years. Therefore, my only option is to make wise choices.

Wise choices? As if! Trial and error hasn’t worked for me. I have made mistakes and never repeated them. But there are just so many ways of ending up at the same painful hub that I do tend to, unintentionally, thread one of the lanes from time to time (never the same lane, mind you).

Bringing this discussion to a rather abrupt end, I have formulated a personal conclusion:

Love your family. I have wasted many years being a rebellious teenager and wish hadn’t. I have no regrets as those adventures made me the person I am today. And I am absolutely satisfied with my being. Anyway, the point is, your family will stick by you through thick and thin. Friends, more than friends, much much more than friends, and other such characters will stay with you but for them, they come first. On the other hand, your family will have you as their top most priority-always. Moreover, they are the safest investment.

I certainly don’t mean to imply that one should stop making friends or falling in love. Do that, for it adds colour to an otherwise simple canvas of life. Just keep this in mind: for them, they will come first. Don’t expect otherwise and call for a heartache. Trust, with reservation. But love, with abundance. Like financial investments, least risky emotional investment will reap moderate emotional return. Strike a balance, trust your family, love your friends and the-much-more-ones, and be happy.

Happy balancing!

(P.S if you have a personalised formula, do share!)

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  1. If you would sign off with your name at the end, it would make life much easier for me you know 😀

    And my stubborn self is always open to suggestions…well lets see what you have to say.

    Yes it can be glued together but once broken, it becomes so fragile that it takes a lot to keep it safe. A petty error is enough to blow it to pieces and ruin you.

    Well, coming from you sir it sounds like you are mocking. You have taught me the exact opposite. *wondering*

  2. If your stubborn self may take this as a formula.

    (1): Trust is a mirror but it CAN be fixed when its broke. Only if you pick the bits and glue them together before they are sweeped away. Specially when you break it a billion times.. Make sure you pick up the pieces on time!

    (2): Don’t be so conscious about investing in blissful happiness that you overlook a lifetime of contentment.

    Goodluck with your balancing! 🙂

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