19th August 2018

On my mind…at 3am

well I have so much on my mind that scribbling down a few decent sentences seems like a feat. I just got done with my daily bit of ugly betty’s season 4. Its funny how a sitcom can get your head running in all directions all at once.
1. I wanna talk about how one should take care of themselves…for their very own sake
2. I wanna write about this brilliant business idea that I had to let go because of the uncertainty prevailing in our part of the work…and how depressive it really is
3. I wanna talk about how I feel whenever I watch an episode of ugly betty. I wanna voice the nostalgia and comment on her idea of “a mile in her shoe”
4. I want to express my opinion about goodbyes and hellos..
5. Writing-its power, its reach and its role in catharsis
5. And about how sometimes one nasty thought can ride over your train of thoughts, crash in and ruin it all.

Until next time soldier

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