New frames or old ones for your big day?

A reader asked us, “I am confused-should I wear my usual glasses so that I look natural and feel comfortable or should I get a new one to match my outfit?”

Seems like there are two strategies you could use for wearing glasses at your wedding:

1. “My frames are a part of my face!” (i.e., stick with the glasses you’ve got)
If you love your frames and feel like they’re really part of your face and identity, or are planning a low-key, mellow wedding, stick with the glasses you’ve got. If you’re a make-uppy type, you could go for extra dramatic eye make-up under your usual specs to add some flair. Also when was the last time you tried quality fake eyelashes?

2. “My frames are part of my wedding outfit!” (i.e., get new ones)
Wearing a pair of one-of-a-kind frames that aren’t your standard would make a great visual impact on your wedding — I say go for frames that coordinate with your dress. To be even more daring and dramatic, go for frames that coordinate with your accessories. Let your glasses be an extension of your jewelry: a visual splash! You could also go super light and understated — i.e. frameless lenses that barely show.

Your Voice

See what brides have to say about their experience of wearing spectacles on their wedding day

“I think that if they are a part of who you are you should wear them. I always think people look strange without their glasses if they usually wear them all the time, but that’s just me. I guess if you’re more comfortable in contacts then go for it, just make sure you try them out before the big day!” Kinza Sharif

“Both of us wear glasses every waking moment of the day…ever since we were kids. Neither of us can really stand contacts because of allergies. His glasses tint a little in bright light (like camera flash bulbs). But our photographer was excellent at positioning us during our engagement shoots so there is hardly a glare at all, and even that was taken out.” Uzma Shah

“It honestly didn’t occur to me to look into getting contacts for the wedding. To me, my wedding day was less about what I’d seen other brides do and more about getting married to Murtaza! It made sense that I should look like myself, be comfortable, and feel natural. So I didn’t think twice about whether to wear glasses or not. I did, however, get non-reflective lenses.” Leena Rajan 
“I’m completely blind without my glasses, but everyone has been saying “glasses are not very bridal” even though they themselves don’t recognize me if I don’t have my glasses on. I’m thinking of not doing a veil, but focusing more on the hair (one of his favorites) with like a tiara. So my glasses won’t be caught in the veil anyway. They aren’t the new thick frames, they actually match my facial tones really well.” Nousheen Usman

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