3 reasons to wear glasses on your wedding day

If your big day is around the corner and you are still deciding on whether to keep or ditch your glasses, here are three reasons why we think you should definitely keep them on:

1. Be Yourself! You met your partner wearing glasses and that is the way they fell in love with you. Be true to yourself and be authentic.

2. Look Smart and Sophisticated. It’s a fact. Studies have shown that people perceive you as intelligent and studious when you wear your glasses. Why not continue that trend on your wedding day?

3. Added Accessories. Women adore accessories and you can have fun and get creative picking out an extremely fancy pair of frames to match your dress and jewellery.

A secret of the trade
Have your photographer take some of your wedding shots angled slightly from above. Everyone who wears glasses knows the infamous “over the lenses” shot (alternately called “Bloggerface” or “MySpace pose”), and it’s common for a reason: It’s a great way to keep your glasses on, but let your eyes show.

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