4 ways to rock glasses on your big day

Do you worry about eyewear for your wedding day? Many brides do. How will they look in the pictures? Will the glasses match the dress? Some solve this problem by wearing contacts, but not everybody can or wants to do so. Thankfully, with modern frames and lenses, you can look radiant and beautiful in your wedding day eyewear.

Anti-Reflective Coating Helps

One tip suggested by many brides that wore their glasses on the big day, was to be sure to get glasses with an anti-reflective coating. This keeps the reflection from the flash off of your glasses in the wedding pictures. It also improves your quality of vision, so seeing your special day more clearly is an added bonus! For example, these blue light glasses have an anti-reflecting coat which eliminates glare making them the perfect glasses for your wedding but also for any time spent working on a computer, as the blue light filter reduces the risk of eye strain, headaches, and sleep disruption.

Add Some Bling or a Special Design

Go all out, it’s your wedding day! Consider getting a unique and special pair of specs for your wedding day. Decorative crystals, filigree designs, and metal frames or accents are just a few options available. Have some fun! If you love the frames you get, and you know they’re flattering, you will feel confident about wearing them.

Choose Frames That Flatter Your Face

Make sure the frames you get flatter your face shape. If you want professional help, an optometrist or makeup artist should be able to help you pick the most flattering eyewear for your wedding day. If this sort of thing interests you (glasses, and eye/vision health) you may want to consider a career in optometry yourself – if you’re a doctor looking for an optometry practice for sale, you can find more information online. Generally, try to pick a shape that is in contrast to your general face shape. If your face sports a lot of angles, pick curvilinear frames. If you have round type face, pick frames with an emphasis on angular lines.

Emphasise Your Eyes with Your Frames and Your Makeup

Tell your makeup artist you’re wearing your glasses, no buts about it, and make sure that your makeup is designed with your glasses in mind, so it flatters you as much as possible. The makeup you wear in combination with the glasses should put more emphasis on your eyes, not less, as many people might think.

People are looking at you on your wedding day, not your glasses, so let those beautiful eyes shine!

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