Who is Fatima Bhutto?

I can’t recall how I came across Fatima Bhutto existence but something caught my interest and I continued browsing through many organic search results Google presented me with. For some reason, she seems like an interesting personality with a future worth speculating.

What struck bizarre, however, was the fact that Liberty Book Store did not stock her latest hardback despite being a leading literary store. The obvious reason could be that she could not dodge the political barriers consciously laid in her way by the people in the “office”.

Another interesting fact that I stumbled upon was her transition. She started off as an idealistic girl who was left with a bitter taste in her mouth after the merciless murder of her father and grew up to be a charismatic woman of the “world” who knew where her castle in the air ended and the cruel world started. Not only does she seem inclined towards “serving” her homeland-Pakistan- now (despite vehemently denying having any interest early on) but also finds herself equipped of making controversial statements rather blatantly.

Now that I am thinking hard about her, I remember she also caught my attention when she was rumoured to be dating George Clooney by tabloids. There you have it-this young charm surely knows her way around.

This post is not meant to voice my opinion of Ms. Fatima Bhutto personally or make a point.

It is more inclined towards learning more about her and all that orbits her being.

I would like to learn more…

Comment if you have anything interesting to add to my information

Featured image credits: Timothy Neesam

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