Celebrating Women

‘I wish I were a boy! They can do everything and I can do nothing’ Maria wailed while her mother absently nodded. And then gave a knowing smile.

How many young girls wish the same thing? We have a million complaints-PMS, Child birth, injustice, harassment, even in buses men have more space than women do. And when my mother insisted that I should cherish being a woman, I was caught between laughing and frowning. Cherish? Woman? Really?

But this statement was not to leave my already-crowded mind. I thought about it thoroughly and was actually stunned to realise how much I have to cherish, be happy about and celebrate. Lets me share a few things we can boast:


Manicure, pedicure, facials, hairdos, mud bath, massages, you name it we have it. These sensual and aesthetic pleasures are designed to make a woman forget life’s problem and focus on herself. High heels, fragrant oils, chunky jewellery…I could never live without them! And silk…it’s the cherry on top.

Power to CHOOSE:

One of the best thing about being a woman is the variety and power to chose. Many do believe that it is quite the opposite but its not always so. A women experiences many changes in her body and mind during the course of her life, and thus experiences life much more than men do. A woman can stay at home or work, and be a nurse or a soldier – it’s entirely her choice. The interesting point here is that a woman can do all the things that women naturally do and can also do most of the things a man can do.


In Iqbal’s famous poem, he rightly claims that ‘women add colour to the bleary picture called world’. We like colour and we splash it around with our wardrobe and attitude. How terrible would it be if we had to chose between a blue suit and a blue suit, like men? *shudders*

Being a WOMAN:

It might sound bizarre but the ultimate fact that you’re a woman carries many unrecorded privileges. My creativity, body and ability to see beauty around me helps me experience peace and wholeness like no one else. While I have a masculine self within me who drives me to achieve my goals and ambitions, I have a feminine side too that shows compassion and tells me to let go and love. Then, we have men. They might growl about what a nuisance women are, but they can’t live without us. They say it only to feed their masculine ego. We are taken care of, we are chauffeured to wherever we wish to go, we don’t have to lift heavy objects, and so on.

A Mother:

Mother nature has bestowed upon its own kind a miracle which ensures the continuation of world and confirms the significance of a woman-kind. Being a mother might sound scary to a few amongst us, and although I haven’t experienced it, I am certain it’s one of the most beautiful experiences of a woman’s life. Also the fact that she endures so much pain, helps create another human being from her own existence and produces the food to feed it too is truly a treasure every woman should cherish.

MORE Human:

We can cry and laugh with ease. Men somehow have an unwritten rule to be in their shell at all times and believer that emotions are meant to for the opposite sex only. This misconception results in men being more aggressive and unhappy generally. We talk, laugh, cry, backbite…giggling doesn’t mean we aren’t super smart. Women don’t have social pressures like men do to hide their emotions and that makes us so much more humane.

Ability to Receive:

Women naturally are receptive. We open up and invite things in, we open up and let things happen. We understand that we don’t always have to MAKE things happen. Before understanding my femininity, I drove myself, I drove projects and I drove my life to where I wanted it to be. I didn’t trust that I could allow for things to happen naturally. If something wasn’t working, I pushed harder, and worked harder to make it happen. It was thrilling but exhausting. Today, I’m smarter, and I know that if something isn’t working, I stop and listen (also a very feminine power) and adjust. Now, it’s not like I sit under a tree, meditating all day waiting for things to happen, although wouldn’t that be nice! What I’ve learned is that I have to put my intention out there and move towards it while holding myself open for whatever comes. I am convinced that learning how to trust the power of receiving has saved me millions of headaches, rupees and wasted hours.

Exotic Pleasures:

Retail therapy! Just saying it makes me relax a little bit. We can shop anytime and every time. Be it a bad day, arguments, or no reason at all, we can shop till we drop. It helps us relax and we can always use a new pair of shoes and bags and some more pink tees. Oh, and how can we forget those branded lingerie and perfume stores? Plus, I do not know about you, but I love to take a look at Saucy Boutique and other adult websites to check out the latest lingerie and sex toys. Besides, nothing says woman like exotic lingerie or the refreshing fragrance of a new perfume. Oh and candlelit bubble baths. Just imagine-after a long grueling day, you get to relax with scented candles casting soothing shadows and scented bubbles and bath salt…who dares complain after that?


There is so much more and instead of making different sections for it, lets just go through it in a go. We can eat whatever when we’re pregnant; the kids always love us the best; our intuition and willingness to follow our hearts; a natural, effortless and efficacious ability to subtly control everything. Other women don’t measure us with beauty scale and we enjoy strong sisterhood. Also we can smile despite the pain and can make people happy in the simplest of ways.

So now before you wish for Y chromosomes, remember all that you have to cherish. It will help you get through the difficult times and induce in you a self-confident that will surprise you as well. Happy Women’s Day!

A Word for All the Women Out there:

Ø Dreams do come true and the possibilities are limitless. You just need to work for it.

Ø Embrace your imperfections and befriend your failures. Its imperative to know what pulls you down and as they say ‘keep your strength close and your weaknesses closer’.

Ø Beauty is nothing without brains.

Ø There is no handbook on living, and as long as you don’t harm someone else it’s all good. Life is unique and so are you.

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  1. That’s so beautiful, In fact you have given us some valuable extracts from the book “handbook on living” lol.. I am a boy and now I am feeling envious of girls who born with such ‘superpowers’

    I am pretty sure you can write the complete book though 😉

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