The absence of presence

30th December 2010 Shaheen Rajan 2

Clinging-how easy it is. How natural it is. Especially when you have had a sturdy, supporting wall of a person day in day out, and all of a sudden you have empty, biting air next to you-smirking at your loss and adding fuel to your miserable fire. I see him […]

Look Sexy All Night Long On New Year’s Eve

27th December 2010 Shaheen Rajan 0

Create Statement Eyes For a sultry look that accentuates your face, try a cat eye. Use a small, stiff brush to trace your upper lash lines with black shadow (it won’t budge). Then extend the line a half-inch beyond your outer corners and flick up toward the end of your […]

Best natural colors for your complexion!

20th December 2010 Shaheen Rajan 0

The world’s most gorgeous colors—the deep ocean blues, earthy forest greens, fiery sunset hues—also happen to be the most flattering. Yet many of us avoid these makeup shades, finding them daunting. We get it: Any type of color on the face can be scary. But there are palettes out there […]

Get Your Guy to Break His Bad Habits

20th December 2010 Shaheen Rajan 0

  We know the drill: You have a man you love, but he could use a little…improvement in a few areas. Maybe he’s a slob at home, or gets you head-scratching gifts for your birthday (a leaf blower? Really?). Maybe the whole leaving-the-toilet-seat-up thing wasn’t an issue when you were […]

The 10 Best Weight-Loss Tips of 2010

20th December 2010 Shaheen Rajan 0

Dieting sucks and never seems to work long-term anyway. These easy habits will slim you down just in time for all the holiday parties. Losing pounds doesn’t have to be torture (we’re looking at you, cayenne-pepper cleanse). Adopt at least three of these behaviors — they’re simple to integrate into […]

No Problem and Band Baaja Baraat: A comparative Review!

16th December 2010 Shaheen Rajan 0

This Friday saw two comedies locking horns with each other as Anees Bazmi’s ‘No Problem’ took on ‘Yash Raj’s ‘Band Baaja Baraat’. However, both the films are poles apart in terms of execution and watchable quotient. Here is a comparison:    1. Story: ‘No Problem’, contrary to its title, is […]

Movie Buff in action!

16th December 2010 Shaheen Rajan 0

Last week had me visiting our local sorry-case-for-a-cinema rather frequently. I started off by being truly touched with “Guzaarish”, entertained by “Band, Baaja, Baraat” and finally shrugging by “No Problem” Guzaarish Starring Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai, this is a must watch tragic movie of the year. Revolving around a […]