24th November 2017

Movie Review: The State vs Jolly LL.B 2

18th February 2017 0

Akshay Kumar is truly a versatile actor, and doesn’t shy away from experimenting with different scripts and roles. From Houseful and Garam Masala to Airlift and Rustom, he’s done 109 movies in last 26 years, […]


Movie Review: Raees

27th January 2017 0

Everytime there is a Shahrukh Khan movie release, I get excited. And Raees was no different. The excitement increased some for Mahirah Khan Bollywood début, and then some more to see Nawazuddin Siddiqui again on-screen. As […]


Movie Review: Oye! Kuch Kar Guzar

10th December 2016 0

Pakistani cinema is flourishing under all the love from sponsors (money! money!) and directors that are braving the experimental route to play around with cinematic possibilities. My faith in the industry is further restored after […]


Movie Review: Rustom

18th August 2016 2

I watched it primarily for the love of Parsi community. They are some of the most gentle and soft-spoken people I have ever come across, and I have been often mistaken for one (which is one of […]


Weekend Watch: Snakes on a Plane

3rd July 2016 0

Mister and I have a weekly ritual. Every weekend, he picks up a movie that gives me creeps for the rest of the week. I can’t decide whether it’s because he likes how I cling […]


Weekend Watch – Housefull 3

12th June 2016 0

Let me start by saying that Housefull 3 is nothing like it’s predecessors. It’s funny without being vulgar, and you can watch it with your family. It’s a story of three odd men (Akshay Kumar, […]

All is well - movie review - Cherry Cross

All is well. Not Really.

21st August 2015 0

The trailor for Abhishek Bachan and Rishi Kapoor’s latest film, All is Well, promised family entertainment. I just saw the movie at Vox Cinemas, and returned wanting so much more. It was sad to see […]

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