20th May 2018

We broke up.

4th January 2018 0

Like most failed relationships, I don’t know exactly where and when did the downfall start. It was a long time coming. It was an addiction, an obsession that was eating me away (no pun intended). […]


Tried & Tested: Sesame Crackers (with recipe)

7th November 2016 0

If you start reading labels, you would realise how few ready-to-eat snacks fit the low-carb bill. Also, perils of carb intensive diets are no secret; if you need a refresher, you can look at some […]


Burgerlich – No Ordinary Hamburger

18th July 2016 0

LECKER!! Burgerlich is a local burger joint, on the buzzing Hohenzollernring street, and is your answer if you are looking for a lip-smacking burger. You would have a hard time deciding on what to indulge in! It’s […]


Saray Sultan launches Iftar menu

4th June 2016 0

Saray Sultan is a beautiful little Turkish restaurant on the second floor of Reem mall, next to Reem al Bawadi in Jumeirah 3. The restaurant is fairly new to Dubai, opening just after Ramadan last […]


10 Bare Basics of Karachi Summer 2016

25th May 2016 0

Last summer must have been the first in a decade that I wasn’t in my beloved Karachi as I struggled to live the supposed “high life” Dubai in parallel to the cheap s**t third world […]


Chez Sushi makes sushi ULTRA healthy, and irresistible!

17th May 2016 0

Chez Sushi, a fast-casual Japanese restaurant, has introduced a selection of healthy options to help you get ready for the bikini season. Here’s what the new delectable menu has to offer: Riceless sushi Chez Sushi serves […]


Unleash Your Ultimate Radiant Potential

2nd May 2016 1

Each of us wish and even work towards achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, lustrous hair, strong and fast growing nails, a youthful flawless skin and a fit, active body overall . On a deeper […]

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