25th May 2018

4 things you need to know about IFA 2017

25th August 2017 2

If you have even a mild interest in technology, you must have heard of the upcoming IFA Berlin 2017. Running from 1-6 September, the exhibition presents the latest products and innovations, attracts visitors from over […]

Fashion & Beauty

Go Sorbet, Grab Pastels

29th July 2016 0

In my early to mid-teens I recall how awestruck by Yash Chopra’s romance sagas I was (well, who isn’t to date) and also, as a hopeless digger for minimalistic style since forever, I fondly wore […]

Fashion & Beauty

Apple Watch by Hermes – Excellence!

17th September 2015 0

Apple and Hermès recently introduced Apple Watch Hermès, a new collection of Apple Watch in stainless steel with finely crafted leather bands in distinctive styles from Hermès, including the Single Tour, Double Tour and Cuff, while respecting […]

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