20th September 2017
Fashion & Beauty

Airport Bathroom Beauty Secrets

26th June 2016 0

It does not matter how much you try to look fabulous before you board a plane – by the time you land, you will look rough. The dry air blasting in your face, strangers and […]

Fashion & Beauty

Dear Diary, Madrid Arts and Craft scene is fantastic!

24th June 2016 0

Dear Diary, What a day! There were two main things on today’s agenda. Collect media accreditation card in the morning and attend IIFA’s official press conference in the evening. Media registration was organised at IFEMA. […]


3 Secrets to Efficient Packing

21st June 2016 0

I am about to embark on a two-week holiday across three countries (five if you count airport layovers). The hardest thing about travelling is ALWAYS packing your suitcase, so I thought I would share some […]


15 Exotic Destinations That Await Embracing Us

1st June 2016 2

When I ask people as to why they travel or wish to, brings forth such wonderful perspectives and answers! It renders me an insight into the hidden charisma of these aspiring travelers, regardless of how […]


Top 5 Cities to Visit from Barcelona

19th May 2016 2

As one of the most popular destinations for expatriates seeking better living standards for them and their families and more career opportunities, Spain has become a primary choice also for visitors and tourists worldwide. Cities […]


Visit Brugge, Belgium – Pictorial Travelogue

25th April 2016 0

Often cited as Venice of the north, Brugge is a historical city with breath-taking landscapes, picturesque locales, architectural delights and sinful culinary indulgences. Here are some photos from my recent trip; for more details about […]

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