17th March 2018


20th January 2016 0

2016 started with a lot more noise than your average new year. I had to let go of the city I had come to call home, and love; say adios to friends and work place […]


Because Love Can Never be Enough..

13th November 2015 0

I was reading one of the many inspirational stories by Humans of New York, and came across a post about a woman who endured inhumane treatment for the sake of love. She naïvely believed that if she […]


11 Reasons Why the Simple Guy is a Keeper

11th October 2015 2

About a week back, I was whining over Skype to N about how my life is all routine, and how I crave drama. I even suggested I take up smoking, start drinking or take bike […]


I went across the room and said hello…

9th October 2015 0

My parents visited me a couple of weeks back, and my mom and I had a profound conversation one night. It all began when we came across children of her friends in Dubai at a congregation. For […]


Toxic, or Intoxicating?

3rd October 2015 1

*Blank screen stares at me, beckoning to transfer my thoughts to black and white* We live a life that is a continuous ride; one chapter ends and the other begins, a man walks out and […]


Dear LinkedIn Frandshipper

27th September 2015 0

Let’s establish house rules first: LinkedIn is a PROFESSIONAL NETWORK WEBSITE. Now that wasn’t all that difficult, eh? I am (clearly) quiet irritated with the misuse of this medium. I have tonnes of people on […]


All By Yourself

22nd September 2015 0

I have always fancied living on my own. It equated freedom and thrill for me. When my best friend moved to another city for university, I envied her life; I even went to visit her to […]


Inspiration, Aspiration and You

19th September 2015 0

When we are young, we have it all figured out. We know what we want, we have an imaginary plan and everything is meant to work out just like that. As we grow older, our […]

All is well - movie review - Cherry Cross

All is well. Not Really.

21st August 2015 0

The trailor for Abhishek Bachan and Rishi Kapoor’s latest film, All is Well, promised family entertainment. I just saw the movie at Vox Cinemas, and returned wanting so much more. It was sad to see […]

No Picture

GCE General English and I – A love hate affair

8th March 2015 0

Against all my teachers and parents’ expectations, I did get a bad grade in A-Levels’ General English. How did that happen? I actually understood the reason and solved the mystery a decade later. I was a […]

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