17th December 2017

Voices Inside My Head…

7th April 2016 0

I open my eyes and let the sunshine blind me. It’s midday, and clouds and sun are playing hide and seek outside my window. It’s cloudy for a minute and then suddenly, sun takes over, […]


Confession: I was a smoker once…

22nd March 2016 4

Yes, I was a smoker once. Not a lot of people know about this. In fact, very few do. And I imagine my family would flip when they read this, but I had to pen this […]


I want to call your bluff. And I just might.

19th February 2016 0

Holier than thou. Keyboard jihadis. Moral police. Pseudo philanthropists. Lying love-addicts. Unfortunately, I have had the misfortune of knowing at least one person in the above listed categories. Advent of social media has truly twisted […]


V-Day Special: How Love Changes Throughout Your Life

14th February 2016 1

Happy Valentines Day Everyone! Yup, today you can paint the town red and be shamelessly cheesy. Roses to chocolates to teddy bears, everything works today. This is the day to profess, and make claims on […]


You do not get to call me hot.

21st January 2016 0

It’s  not a new age phenomenon; it has been around for centuries and we have fought the same battles for years now. Objectifying women, and treating them as an accessory instead of thriving human beings; […]



20th January 2016 0

2016 started with a lot more noise than your average new year. I had to let go of the city I had come to call home, and love; say adios to friends and work place […]


Because Love Can Never be Enough..

13th November 2015 0

I was reading one of the many inspirational stories by Humans of New York, and came across a post about a woman who endured inhumane treatment for the sake of love. She naïvely believed that if she […]


11 Reasons Why the Simple Guy is a Keeper

11th October 2015 2

About a week back, I was whining over Skype to N about how my life is all routine, and how I crave drama. I even suggested I take up smoking, start drinking or take bike […]

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