27th May 2018

I met a guy from my past…

14th July 2016 0

I was at Subway, looking for a $5 note to pay for my sandwich and cookie. I realised that I was holding the line, and looked up to silently apologise to the customer behind me […]


Voices Inside My Head…

7th April 2016 0

I open my eyes and let the sunshine blind me. It’s midday, and clouds and sun are playing hide and seek outside my window. It’s cloudy for a minute and then suddenly, sun takes over, […]


Confession: I was a smoker once…

22nd March 2016 4

Yes, I was a smoker once. Not a lot of people know about this. In fact, very few do. And I imagine my family would flip when they read this, but I had to pen this […]


I want to call your bluff. And I just might.

19th February 2016 0

Holier than thou. Keyboard jihadis. Moral police. Pseudo philanthropists. Lying love-addicts. Unfortunately, I have had the misfortune of knowing at least one person in the above listed categories. Advent of social media has truly twisted […]

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