24th June 2017

Free Download: Blog Like a Boss Kit

19th January 2017 0

Being a blogger requires a lot of discipline and dedication, and established bloggers put in many more hours than media gives them credit for. It is easy to write them off as vain and wanna-be-models, but if […]


Reflections 2016 and Resolutions 2017

2nd January 2017 0

Happy New Year Cherry-Fam! How has your first day of a brand-smacking new 2017 been so far? Mine has been pretty ordinary, but you know ordinary can be perfectly special as well. Life is rarely […]


Köln Christmas Markets 101

27th December 2016 0

It’s that time of the year again – where some parts of the world await a white blanket, others see expats pack their bags and get on the plane to home, and then some where […]


Win an exclusive top by Khushboo Kaplesh

22nd December 2016 0

Raise your hand if you love a competition by one of your favourite designers! Yea, thought so! So here’s a competition for you, and I think you would love it. Khushboo Kaplesh, a Dubai based […]


Movie Review: Oye! Kuch Kar Guzar

10th December 2016 0

Pakistani cinema is flourishing under all the love from sponsors (money! money!) and directors that are braving the experimental route to play around with cinematic possibilities. My faith in the industry is further restored after […]


Episode 3/8 – 11 pounds down with Glucophage

31st October 2016 1

Welcome back! This is the third episode of my weight loss journey. So far I have told you guys about how much weight I have lost (all of 50 freaking pounds) and how it all […]

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