25th May 2018

Best Chinese in Karachi? Ginsoy!

18th September 2016 1

I have been to Ginsoy a few times in the last couple of years. I make it a point to visit them at least once whenever I am in Karachi (which isn’t as often as […]


There is a Biryani festival in town!

12th August 2016 0

Yes, there is a kebab and biryani festival happening right now in Dubai, and we have got all the delicious details for you. Hosted by Asha’s at Wafi, the festival presents a selection of 10 biryani […]


Burgerlich – No Ordinary Hamburger

18th July 2016 0

LECKER!! Burgerlich is a local burger joint, on the buzzing Hohenzollernring street, and is your answer if you are looking for a lip-smacking burger. You would have a hard time deciding on what to indulge in! It’s […]


Living with salads 101: Champignons Salad

7th July 2016 0

Cutting up veggies every day is such a chore. And why do it when you can avoid it, right? Since I was prescribed to add greens to my diet, I get romaine lettuce, iceberg, cherry […]


Coffee is a Culture. A Cult.

30th June 2016 0

If I post a picture on Instagram for every time I have a cup of coffee, I would probably give ‘cats of Instagram’ a run for their money. Suffice is to say, I drink a […]


My Top 3 Iftar Indulgences So Far…

24th June 2016 0

The best part about Ramazan in the social aspect is but of course the thirty happy Iftar hours it brings to us month round and with it comes oodles of anticipation & joy! While nothing […]

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