18th August 2017
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Dazzle and sunshine on Oscar 2017 carpet

28th February 2017 0

What’s a red carpet without a little dazzle here and there? Until Blanco’s wardrobe malfunction, I loved her dress. Ruffled sleeves, red belt against printed crayola yellow dress. And then there is Leslie Mann with her […]

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Hollywood chose white at Oscars

28th February 2017 0

Oscar is not only Hollywood’s biggest night; it is also an important evening for the fashion industry. Take the whole Karl Lagerfeld and Meryl Streep episode for example. It is the night for Hollywood to […]

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Gucci’s Alchemist Garden at MFW 2017

27th February 2017 0

Alessandro Michele. This name alone excites fashion enthusiasts and aficionados around the world. When he took to runway last year once again for Gucci for the fourth season and sent down a collection that made people […]

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Wunderkind at Milan Fashion Week 2017

26th February 2017 0

Wunderkind’s Fall 2017 collection makes a statement in the most fashionably nonchalant way. It’s for a woman who does not conform, has an appreciation for art and penchant of experimenting with masculine silhouettes. Wolfgang Joop, […]

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Top 3 salons for eyebrow threading in Köln

24th February 2017 4

If you are not in Germany, you probably can’t relate to the novelty I feel after finally  finding three salons in Cologne where people have heard of threading – a treatment to get rid of excessive […]

Fashion & Beauty

Long skirts from BIBA to the rescue!!

25th January 2017 1

Women today wear many hats simultaneously, and conquer challenges and adversaries on their way forward. We are always on the go, and make sure we look fantastic while we are at it. And contrary to […]

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