24th May 2018
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FILA x Weekday has arrived.

19th April 2018 0

Weekday has joined forces with FILA for a 20-piece collection, which combines the cool functional street wear aesthetics of FILA with our Weekday’s minimalistic fashion perspective. The collaboration focuses on performance materials, functional cuts and […]


Spring cleaning: 10 rules of good taste

18th April 2018 0

(Image courtesy – Erin Elizabeth) All women want to look good but some don’t know how to achieve that. To prove I’m telling the truth, just look at lots of women walking along the streets of […]

Fashion & Beauty

H&M x Moschino is happening!

16th April 2018 0

The collaboration between high street brand, H&M, and Moschino, quirky Italian luxury brand, was announced at latter’s annual Coachella. Aligned with Scott’s flair for drama, he received an “Instagram Live call” from Gigi Hadid — projected […]


Restaurant Review: Café Buur, Köln

15th April 2018 1

With sun shining bright, and brunch season officially kicking in, I am happy to report that I have planned to go cafe hopping all summer long to report to you what brunch spots are worthy […]


Understanding Trust Issues

12th April 2018 0

We are having some plumbing issues in our apartment building. Last week, a man from the floor above paid us a visit, enquiring if we had a broken or leaking pipe. I was home alone, […]

Shaheen Nouman Rajan
Fashion & Beauty

Colourful, Rangeela or Gulabi Shaheen?

4th April 2018 1

Jeez, that sounds like a title of some erotic literature. Sorry. A few days ago, over hummus and cappuccino, Sabeel and I were discussing the future of Cherry Cross. I was going to have enough […]


Let’s talk about lies

16th March 2018 4

I lie. You lie. In public, we blame it on circumstances. Away from judging eyes, we acknowledge that somewhere, it was self-serving. It gets problematic when the lines get blurred and those lies, after being […]

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