21st April 2018
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Go Sorbet, Grab Pastels

29th July 2016 0

In my early to mid-teens I recall how awestruck by Yash Chopra’s romance sagas I was (well, who isn’t to date) and also, as a hopeless digger for minimalistic style since forever, I fondly wore […]


My Top 3 Iftar Indulgences So Far…

24th June 2016 0

The best part about Ramazan in the social aspect is but of course the thirty happy Iftar hours it brings to us month round and with it comes oodles of anticipation & joy! While nothing […]


15 Exotic Destinations That Await Embracing Us

1st June 2016 2

When I ask people as to why they travel or wish to, brings forth such wonderful perspectives and answers! It renders me an insight into the hidden charisma of these aspiring travelers, regardless of how […]


10 Bare Basics of Karachi Summer 2016

25th May 2016 0

Last summer must have been the first in a decade that I wasn’t in my beloved Karachi as I struggled to live the supposed “high life” Dubai in parallel to the cheap s**t third world […]


How Mahemir Entertained & Disdained Me

18th May 2016 0

Not looking to bog you down with a diagnostic movie review of Mahemir here, as you might have read that at length somewhere  by now. Just sharing a friendly take on it, bieng an avid […]


Unleash Your Ultimate Radiant Potential

2nd May 2016 1

Each of us wish and even work towards achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, lustrous hair, strong and fast growing nails, a youthful flawless skin and a fit, active body overall . On a deeper […]

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