27th April 2018

The WHY and HOW of freezing your eggs

21st February 2017 0

I heard about freezing eggs in Sex and the City Season 2 when Miranda considers it after she finds out that one of her ovaries has gotten ‘lazy’. The procedure ages back to 1953, with […]


Movie Review: The State vs Jolly LL.B 2

18th February 2017 0

Akshay Kumar is truly a versatile actor, and doesn’t shy away from experimenting with different scripts and roles. From Houseful and Garam Masala to Airlift and Rustom, he’s done 109 movies in last 26 years, […]


Coolest thing on my phone this week: Gboard

5th February 2017 0

Before you are all impressed and shiz, let me confess – Gboard is neither my discovery nor did I download it on my phone. It’s all Mr. N. He has a knack for selling me […]


WIN a pair of handcrafted artisan earrings!

3rd February 2017 6

Handicraft from Pakistan is not only of exceptional quality but the aesthetics are so unique that you can easily spot one in a crowd. It’s colourful, intricate and fuels the cottage industry of the country. On […]


Project ‘Indulgence’ (with a printable wishlist)

1st February 2017 0

Women are a strange lot. Fabulous but strange. We are so kind and supportive of our kind, championing girls to ‘reach for the stars’ and ‘living the dream’, but when it comes to our own selves, […]

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