24th May 2018

Episode 3/8 – 11 pounds down with Glucophage

31st October 2016 1

Welcome back! This is the third episode of my weight loss journey. So far I have told you guys about how much weight I have lost (all of 50 freaking pounds) and how it all […]

Fashion & Beauty

Quiz: What scent is PERFECT for you?

26th October 2016 0

There is an obvious chill in the air, signalling the oncoming autumn. Fashion trends are slowly transitioning to make room for warm jackets, trendy boots and deep colour palettes. Beauty routines are also turning towards […]


My 50 paisa on the ‘Chai Wala’ outbreak

20th October 2016 0

This is me, succumbing to peer pressure. And a husband with kickass humour, who refuses to let me get away from participating in trending ‘discussions’. He just convinced me to use snapchat as well. Seriously! […]

Fashion & Beauty

WIWT: Jungle Book

17th October 2016 0

I love love love button down dresses (both midi and maxi length), for they are so versatile and can be dressed up or down in many ways. If you have a printed long dresses, with […]


Episode 1/8 – Weight Loss Confession

14th October 2016 4

Sigh. Yes, I have. In the last 12 months I have lost about 23kgs. It has been a long journey, and I am only half way through, but it has been the most enlightening 12 […]

Fashion & Beauty

WIWT: Do The Blues

10th October 2016 0

Temperatures are dropping here sooner than I’d like, and there is a pricking chill in the air already. We had a long summer, according to German standards, and are now rapidly moving into fall. Making […]

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