26th April 2018

Saray Sultan launches Iftar menu

Saray Sultan is a beautiful little Turkish restaurant on the second floor of Reem mall, next to Reem al Bawadi in Jumeirah 3. The restaurant is fairly new to Dubai, opening just after Ramadan last year, but they are quickly making a name for themselves as the place to go for authentic Turkish food. Both chefs are Turkish, and they have a combined 20 years of experience in preparing Turkish cuisine.

This year, Saray Sultan will have a couple of different iftar dining options for food lovers. If you already have favourite items, you will still be able to order from their regular menu, but they are also offering two different set menus, one at AED150 per person and the other at AED75, depending on how much you are prepared to eat. They will also be offering group discounts, with up to 30% off groups over four, to help encourage family, friends, and all sorts of groups to celebrate together. The restaurant also does not serve shisha in order to be a comfortable environment for anyone with small children.

But now for the important part: the food. OH MAN, was it delicious, and there was a lot of it. We began with the traditional dates and olives, and then the starters started pouring out. Lentil soup, turkish bread, the most beautiful salad I’ve ever seen in my life, zaatar stuffed pide, doner pizza, and a whole plate of traditional mezze, including hummus, mutabal, ezme, and several other fun things to dip the bread into. Then the main course came out, which included chicken doner, chicken kebab, and a really well spiced chicken and vegetable casserole, served steaming out of the oven. Finally there was dessert, with a choice of cheese or cream kunafe or baklava, accompanied by either Turkish tea or coffee. Every single thing served was excellent, and my whole table ate until it hurt.

When you visit Saray Sultan during Ramadan, you’ll be able to choose which entree you would prefer (and there is a vegetarian option available – baked eggplant) for either price point. If you opt for the AED75 option, you’ll also choose one appetiser and one dessert, in addition to the dates and tea or coffee. If you decide to go all in with the AED150 option, you’ll get everything listed, which I would recommend just so you can try everything. I seriously cannot emphasise enough how delicious everything was. 

And how beautiful is this Turkish coffee set?
And how beautiful is this Turkish coffee set?

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