22nd April 2018
Fashion & Beauty

Get Ready for the Festive Season with Vaniday!

22nd December 2015 0

Everyone I know is running manic right now, prepping for the festive season. If they haven’t left for home already, they are busy with last-minute packing and gifts, while wrapping up work and squeezing in […]

Fashion & Beauty

5 Contouring Lessons from SoniaxFyza

21st December 2015 0

Unless you live under a rock, you would know who Sonia and Fyza are. They are the first and only UK-based makeup artists who are trained by and modelled for Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, and specialise in […]


Karachi Chronicles – Flu and the Family

16th December 2015 0

Sigh. Yes, I did get the flu. Like every damn time, during every damn visit, I got the flu. But this bug was not your ordinary pesky devil. He was strong and persistent, and refused […]


Karachi Chronicles – The Beach

9th December 2015 0

Karachi’s beaches are a matter of pride – especially when you are in a conversation with a Lahori. Random fact. I have always had an affinity with all things water; I love beaches and water […]


Karachi Chronicles – The Arrival

7th December 2015 9

Its home, so no length of time is ever enough. Especially if it’s only a measly week, with two homes to equally love plus a nephew I was to meet for the first time. It […]

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