22nd March 2018
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Random thoughts at 8:00 PM

30th July 2012 0

– Life is funny. And even funnier are the relationships we form en route. – A colleague is getting married in a few months. As her beau works at the same place as she, they […]

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Looney Day

18th July 2012 0

I don’t know about others but I certainly do have looney-days once in every few weeks. What is a looney-day, you may ask. It’s that SPECIAL day when everything frustrates me. From shoe size being […]

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Coffee Mystery

9th July 2012 0

Many a times I end up at a coffee place and am faced with so many choices that I end up ordering Cappuccino (because its the safest possible choice and least intimidating). That was before […]

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Add desserts to breakfast to lose more weight!

5th July 2012 0

As a health book editor, I’m always on the lookout for new diet ideas, so a study presented last week at the Endocrine Society’s annual meeting caught my eye. Researchers at Tel Aviv University randomly […]

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Fashion & Beauty


4th July 2012 0

Shine!Yahoo suggested these yum literary (fine, they are not VERY literary but still) treats and I want each and everyone of it *greedy* This is what April Daniels Hussar of Self Magazine has to say: […]

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