Excuse Me Delevingne, Your Eyebrow-Fame Is Over!

KoreanSummer means a whole bunch of trends for us fashion enthusiasts to experiment and play around with.

Last season, Chanel’s much-loved Cara Delevingne made headlines for her thick, carefully unkempt eyebrows, possibly inspired by the Arab ladies who have had it for longest of time.

This season, the trend (or rather A-listers’ preference) is inspired by Korean beauties. It is all about soft, straight-across brows, with nary an arch in sight. The softness lends an innocent look and is easy to play around with.

Here are some of the prominent faces to validate the trend: Continue Reading

Instagram Diary – Hermes Silk Ball Dubai


Held at the grand Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, Hermes Silk Ball’s UAE début was all about glitz, glamour, fashion statements and quirky masks. It was attended by some of fashion’s biggest names, including Rami Al Ali, Diala Makki, Rosemin Manji, Joelle, Esther Quek and Kat Lebrasse, among others.

We have rounded up some of the most interesting pictures from the event, attempting to relive the grandiose and splendour from last event. Here we go: Continue Reading

Are you planning to ‘cut it short’?

I love how fashionistas, beauty and style gurus, and critiques in the business come up with something or the other every now and then that ‘breaks the internet’, figuratively speaking of course.

Recently, the secret to whether you can ‘cut it short’ or no has been in vogue. This picture has been shared a little too much, for all the right reasons; in case you are yet to see it (possible only if you live under a rock!), here it is: Continue Reading

When Kim Kardashian does plus size…


South West is on its way – I mean North West’s baby brother or sister is on its way. Yes, Kim Kardashian and  Kanye West are expecting their second baby, after a brief bumpy road. There were some fertility issues reported but they are all history now…

So heartiest congratulations to the couple!

Now that the 33-years old reality star is pregnant, and will possible make headlines for ‘bumpy’ fashion choices, we thought to recap some of her best looks while she was carrying North West.

So, here’s our small selection of Kim Kardashian’s maternity looks that fashion crates nodded in approval at: Continue Reading

#OOTD – Chic Street Style

Shop Style curated three fantastic street style looks with a dose of chic and sleek. If you think ripped denim and shift dress cannot be dressed up, read ahead and you might get inspired!

Sheryl Luke of Walk In Wonderland switches up her typical weekend wear with a statement plaid jacket.

Sheryl Luke of Walk In Wonderland switches up her typical weekend wear with a statement plaid jacket.

Cristine Andrew of Hello Fashion Blog pairs her ripped denim with fringed heels and aviators.

Cristine Andrew of Hello Fashion Blog pairs her ripped denim with fringed heels and aviators. Continue Reading

#Instapreneur – The Key to Succeeding in Style


Soukaina of Meltoo interviewing Fatma Al Mulla

Melltoo, a Dubai based startup, organised a workshop for budding entrepreneurs, fashionistas and bloggers, titled Instagram Entrepreneurship: The Key to Succeeding in Style.

Speakers at the event included Fatima Al Mulla – founder of the FMM Brand, Ayesha Siddequa – founder of the FF Brand and Latifa Al Shamsi – founder of the ByLatifa Al Shamsi Brand.

These women have been running their businesses successfully in the region, and had some great tips for people looking to venture into the fashion business via the online route.

Some interesting bits from Mulla’s interview and panel discussion with all three:

Tricks of trade:

Not everyone will understand or support you. But you need to believe in yourself and remain steadfast.

Mulla: “When I told my dad I want to design t-shirts, he got me a booth at Global Village.”

“Be patient. Believe in yourself and your brand. Don’t allow negative comments ruin your day.”

Shamsi: “Be consistent. Even if you fail, still keeping going. If things go wrong, let it be. Start again.”

Always have a plan B and keep options handy. Always.

Mulla: “The first time I made my t-shirts, my supplier left. Just left. So always have a plan B.”

Stay abreast trends and happenings in the industry you are in.

Siddequa: “Follow people who like the things you like. Step One.”

Hashtag is an important element. Know what works and is trending.

Mulla: “With Instagram, you have be specific and consistent.”

Your business account on Instagram needs to have a little bit of your personality and glimpse of your life. Most importantly, you must know where to draw the line to keep business and personal lives separate.

Shamsi: “Put a bit of yourself. You are your brand.”

Interesting to note:

Stay relevant when it comes to hashtags. Relevant and current.

Shamsi: “For me, a white wall with one floral painting is better than a floral wall with one small white painting.”

Enjoy what you do. When work becomes fun, it is half the job done.

Siddequa: “Go crazy. Have fun. Do something creative. Think outside the box.”

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Perfect nude nails for summer


Essence – the gel nail polish in sweet as candy

I had been looking for a pink-pearly nude nail colour for a long time. Without any intention to purchase, I tried on Essence colours while awaiting my turn at the checkout counter, and bam! Here’s the little naughty nail varnish that I had been searching for oh-so-long.

It’s part of the Essence’s gel nail colour range, and is called Sweet as Candy. Ideally, you need to apply it with its own base and top coat to enjoy long lasting colour and chip resistance, but I only wanted the colour. Also, I am not a fan of gelish nail.

Click here to read my one and only experience with gel nail polish at Sisters Beauty Salon

Anyway. Essence Sweet as Candy has a curvy bottle, wide applicator and a translucent colour. It swings between pale pink and pearly white, and is an easy colour to carry for all skin tones (or maybe more so for tan girls).

What I love – the colour, for it’s subtle. Also, I have been wearing it for 5 days now and not a chip. So even without the LED lamp and gel top and base coat, it lasts easily for a week (at least).

It costs approximately AED15, and is available across Dubai.

If you need more information, let me know and I can help you find the nearest location – no, it is not a sponsored post. I am trying to be genuinely nice for a change.

And now comes the infamous #handfie: Continue Reading

Weight loss with Bariatric Surgery – Here’s what you need to know

Patrick Noel, laparoscopic and bariatric surgeon, The American Surgecenter

Patrick Noel, laparoscopic and bariatric surgeon, The American Surgecenter

It is an age-old problem that men and women around the world have battled with for a long time. While lifestyle changes and fad diets were in vogue couple a years ago for weight loss, now it is all about short cuts and quick procedures to get rid of the excess fat and trim down those bulges.

One such procedure for weight loss is Bariatric Surgery — this is where weight loss is achieved by reducing the size of the stomach with a gastric band or through removal of a portion of the stomach (sleeve gastrectomy or biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch) or by resecting and re-routing the small intestine to a small stomach pouch (gastric bypass surgery).

Cherry Cross spoke exclusively to the The American Surgecenter laparoscopic and bariatric surgeon Patrick Noel to know what this is all about, its relation with pregnancy, side effects and costs involved.

Shaheen Nouman, editor, Cherry Cross: Does bariatric surgery negatively affect pregnancy in any way?

Patrick Noel, laparoscopic and bariatric surgeon, The American Surgecenter: Obese women are three times more likely to suffer infertility than women with a normal body mass index, especially because obesity causes hormonal imbalances and problems with ovulation.

Moreover, it is proven that Bariatric Surgery can help with fertility issues. Bariatric surgery has been shown to improve menstrual cyclicity in anovulatory women, which probably explains why more than 80 per cent of bariatric procedures are performed in women, and approximately half of these are performed in reproductive aged women. The increased risk of miscarriage in obese women may also decline after bariatric surgery.

Pregnancy is safe after Bariatric Surgery. However, it is highly recommended to wait a minimum of six to nine months after the surgery to conceive.

SN: It is a surgical process – are there any side effects or complications a patient should know about?

PN: It is important to note that gastric surgery is a tool to assist with significant lifestyle changes, and is the beginning and not the end of the process to achieving a healthier weight and lifestyle. Side effects of the surgery include gastroesophageal reflux, usually accompanied by heartburn. Continue Reading

Make a Statement with Swarovski


For a long time, Swarovski was synonymous to dainty precious jewelry for me. I remember Mr. N gifting me a Swarovski necklace on my first birthday with him, five years ago, and I thought to myself ‘I personify goth – what will I do with something so delicate?’. I carefully wrapped it back in and placed it with other precious jewels my mom had been collection for my trousseau.


This perception got a kick in the shin at the launch of Swarovski’s FW ’15 collection, themed Winter Gardens. The collection was anything but demure. It had the signature sparkle and dazzle, but with a lot more oomph and ‘I dare you to look away’ undertone.

Inspired by nature and gardens, the collection takes flora and fauna to an autumnal interpretation. Foliage morphs into lace-like filigrees, insects and night butterflies transform into stylized pendants, in a palette of autumnal flowers and berry tones. The collection features a generous offering of easy to wear designs ranging from the timeless to the fashionable and from the subtle to the bold.

Dusky necklace exemplifies this contemporary reference to nature with repeated drop-shaped crystals which take centre stage on a rose-gold polished metal all-around base, twisted by the addition of leather. Continue Reading

Balmain to design for H&M

senatus_z2mRBsOlivier Rousteing has confirmed to Vogue UK that he is designing a Balmain collection for H&M.

Enlisting the help of two of his famous fans, Jourdan Dunn and Kendall Jenner, the designer announced the collaboration at last night’s Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas – with both models arriving on his arm, wearing designs from the collection.

“I want to talk to my generation − this is my main aim as a designer,” Rousteing said this morning. “H&M allows me the unique possibility of bringing everyone into the world of Balmain, getting a piece of the dream and creating a global #HMBalmaination: a movement of togetherness, fuelled on a hashtag. The collaboration felt extremely natural to me as H&M is a brand that everybody connects to. It calls for unity, and I am all for it.”

Naturally, Rousteing has already been building excitement for his latest venture on Instagram – where his followers top one million – posting a short video with the caption, “THE WORD IS OUT #secretrevealed join MY new ARMY #HMBALMAINNATION #areyouready?” Continue Reading