It’s a MAC Thing!

ads2I have heard SO much about MAC that it’s surprising that I haven’t raided their stores yet. I am not a pro at buying makeup (honesty!) and usually get by with gifts (voluntary or forcefully given by my dearest sisters). But I think it’s time I break my MAC virginity and get some beauty goodies for myself.

And the best thing that could happen to a confused shopper is a gorgeous blogger doing a post on what should a first-time MAC shopper buy. I owe it to Vivanna Does Makeup big time. So here’s what she suggested I (or a MAC virgin) should buy:

MAC 217 Brush – Even though I’m still pretty crappy when it comes to eyeshadow application, I was way crappier in pre-MAC 217 times. There’s something about the shape and fluffiness of this brush that just does the work for you, blending and diffusing the colour exactly where you want it. I have to say the lazy brush cleaner inside of me is tempted to pick up another…

MAC Eyeshadow in All That Glitters – The only eyeshadow in the history of eyeshadows that I’ve been in ownership of that has a dent in it where you can see the pan at the bottom. If that’s not the sign of a much-loved beauty product then I don’t know what is. A peachy, golden, champagne-y, pink, it’s a tough colour to pin down but one that’s just so flattering on the lids. It looks particularly good in the summer, paired with a hella load mascara and not much else. Load. Me. Up.

MAC Lipstick in Patisserie – Well, well, well, we all knew that this would be here didn’t we. Easily my most worn lipstick over the past twelve months I can’t find fault with it. A classic ‘MLBB’, it goes with whatever eye thing I’ve got going on and can be slicked on without a mirror – which we all know is the sign of a kick-ass lipstick. There’s a hint of shimmer to it, but don’t let that put you off, it’s just one of those ‘subtly enhancing’ things that won’t make you look like you’ve regressed back to the ’90′s. Promise.

MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural – Ah ha! Finally the secret to ridiculously flawless looking skin. I don’t like to look like a doll-version of myself on a daily basis, but when I’m filming and need something to keep away my cheek crease sweats (nice), this is perfect and makes the complexion look seriously polished. This can be avoided with a light hand of course and actually over a tinted moisturiser it sits nicely and no matter how much you build it up itnever goes cakey. If you’re a non-powder lover who’s in the market for a new one then I’d point you in the direction of this.

MAC Lip Pencil in Cherry – If you need a red lip liner then this is your guy. I’ve yet to find a red that this didn’t work with. It’s a classic formula, so expect things to be a bit dry and matte, but that’s what makes it so long lasting and a good choice for painting all over the lips on its own and leaving it at that. If I had a penny for every time I’d asked a girl what red she was wearing and she said this, well a Tom Ford Perfume wouldn’t be on my wishlist – you know what I’m saying? 

I am all set for my shopping spree at MAC – Are there any must-have, ‘if MAC discontinued it you’d send them a curtly worded letter’ products to add to the list?

Goodbye Cosmo. Hello Porter.

Porter Magazine at Cherry Cross

Porter Magazine at Cherry Cross

If you are still unaware of my obsession with magazines, you probably are not following me, at least not enough. Or at all. Anyway, I will say it again for you my dear reader – My ultimate dream is to land a job at a fashion magazine, as an Editor. And so far, I knew my destination was Cosmopolitan. Or so I thought.

But lo and behold, for another GIANT has entered and TAKEN OVER the publishing world.

PORTER is the game-changing new fashion magazine – powered by NET-A-PORTER.COM – for the stylish, intelligent woman of now.

Delivering an authoritative global point of view and a bespoke curation of fashion, beauty, travel and culture, PORTER combines the intimacy of print with the instant gratification technology allows, meaning that you can shop everything that inspires you directly from the page in two ways – either through the innovative digital edition or with the free NET-A-PORTER shopping app.

Moreover, this publication actually offers something to read, instead of just glossy pages with high-resolution pictures of products I would have to starve for 3 months to buy. Almost fashion literature if you like – timeless, educating, engaging and the one that leaves its mark. It’s much pricey here in Dubai, AED 60/issue, whereas you can get a yearly subscription for 17GBP. That is actually one heck of a bargain!

PORTER tops my list of favorite magazines; following PORTER would be Elle, Emirates Woman, Harper Bazaar and Cosmopolitan (listed in the order of preference). All these have Middle Eastern editions and hence preferred. Publications like Vogue, Marie Claire and W don’t have their regional editions for this part of the world yet, so I tend to buy them once in a few months.

For weekly buzz, I love my Grazia and Ahlan. And then there are my favorite blogs for daily fashion fix. Click here to check out my favorite blogs.

I do like to read other genres as well; I used to be a Reader’s Digest fan at one point. I also flip through Friday, OK and lifestyle section of newspapers.

So, that’s my magazine shopping cart for you. What magazines do You religiously follow, and love?

Launch Invite: Hottest New Cosmetic Hub in Dubai

Media Invite for DBC Members

Media Invite for DBC Members

You’re invited to the launch of Beverly Hills Aesthetic & Medical Centre on 12 August 2014 from 5pm-8pm.

Get the first look at the facilities, meet and greet the  team of cosmetic experts, get complimentary skin analysis and enjoy light refreshments .

Location: Beverly Hills Aesthetic & Medical Centre. Villa 460, Jumeirah 2, Al Wasl Road. Near EPPCO petrol station. Dubai.

It would be fantastic to see you there.



Beverly Hills Aesthetic & Medical Centre offers a complete range of medical and aesthetic solutions for hair, skin and body, and is committed to providing state-of-the-art patient care, tailored to the needs of communities spanning the GCC region.

Their team comprises of highly qualified, expert cosmetic dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, aesthetic therapists and dieticians. Treatments are completely safe and administered using world-class equipment and products, and include GentleMax Pro laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation solutions, Titan skin tightening, HydraFacial and clinical peels. Additionally, Beverly Hills Aesthetic & Medical Centre offers treatments for acne, hair loss and bacterial and fungal infections, among others.

Demons of Refrigerator

imageAt the strike of 2PM, my tummy does somersaults and hanger pangs drag me to the kitchen. The refrigerator glow is oh-so-inviting and I eye the carb laden food on display greedily. And it gives me a bit of peace to know a million other people are doing the exact same thing – feeding their midnight hunger and cravings.
Had I not overslept (it’s weekend) I probably would have been asleep and not writing this. I slept until late, mixed up my meals and had dinner at 9. A couple of hours later, I am hungry and can’t sleep. Now I have had leftovers from the dinner and am feeling too full to sleep. Also, this means no breakfast for me tomorrow morning. Darn!
To fight this sumo wrestler diet I am on, I googled some ways to help these cravings at bay. If you also suffer from this problem, read ahead for possible cures:
1. Have protein rich breakfast
2. Don’t drink your calories through soda, juices, lattes, etc. They will spike your sugar level and cause cravings
3. Have regular meals on set times
4. Add protein (lean meat, fish) and good quality fats (nuts, olive oil) to all your meals
5. Reduce stress in your life. Relaxed people are thin people.
6. Prioritize sleep – if you don’t sleep, you will be hungry for carbs and sugar (ask me!)

Hope this helps… Time to sleep! Goodnight :)

Designers for Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience Season 2

Last year, when Vogue Italia came to Dubai, it elevated the region’s status as the upcoming fashion hub and attracted designers, stylists, editors and media from around the world.

A year has passed since then and Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience is set to return this October 2014 with a stunning bang. This season is set to be bigger and better, with an array of heavy weight designers and upcoming artisans as well.

Designers for Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience Season 2

Heavy weight fashion champions for Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience Season 2

Heavy Weight Fashion Champions

Vogue Italia has handpicked designers to reveal their new collections at the opening day’s catwalk show.  So, who’s participation? Here’s the list for you:

  • Stella Jean designed by Stella Jean (Italy)
  • Piccione Piccione designed by Salvatore Piccione (Italy)
  • Christopher Esber designed by Christopher Esber (Australia)
  • Asudari Studio designed by Lamia Asudari (Saudi Arabia)
  • J. JS Lee designed by Jackie JS Lee (South Korea)
  • Madiya Al Sharqi designed by Madiya Al Sharqi (UAE)
  • Miuniku designed by Tina Sutradhar and Nikita Sutradhar (India)
  • N°3 designed by Bushra Badri and Amira Al Khaja (UAE)

Emerging Designers at Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience

A further 20 emerging international designers have been selected, for the first time, through a talent scouting competition, to present their S/S 2015 collections at exclusive International Talents Showcase at Armani Hotel Dubai.

  1. Anabela Chan from the UK for Anabela Chan
  2. Astrid Sarkissian from France for Astrid Sarkissian
  3. Odély Teboul and Annelie Augustin from France and Germany for Augustin Teboul
  4. Faiza Bouguessa from France/Algeria for Bouguessa
  5. Carlotta De Luca from Italy for Charline De Luca
  6. Martina Grasselli from Italy for Coliac
  7. Dora Abodi from Hungary for Dora Abodi
  8. Lubna and Nadia Al Zakwani from Oman for Endemage
  9. Eun-Jung Lee from South Korea for Eun-Jung Lee
  10. Heaven Tanudiredja from Indonesia for Heaven Tanudiredja
  11. Hema Kaul from India for Hema Kaul
  12. Farah Nasri from Lebanon for Hooked | HKD
  13. Eva Lai from the USA for i’Alave
  14. Marius Janusauskas from Belgium for Marius Janusauskas
  15. Millicent Nobis from Australia for Mies Nobis
  16. Kostya Omelya from Ukraine for Omelya Atelier
  17. Reem Al Kanhal from Saudi Arabia for RK Designs
  18. Sarah Angold from the UK for Sarah Angold Studio
  19. Shamsa Alabbar from the UAE for Shamsa Alabbar
  20. Steven Tai from Canada for Steven Tai

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Bobbi Brown's Interview at Cherry Cross

CNN’s Leading Women got in conversation with the beauty Mogul Bobbi Brown, Founder and COO of Bobbi Brown, and here’s what we got to know about this creative genius (which we didn’t already know):

  1. When she moved to Manhattan for the first time, she didn’t know anyone. She started by looking up makeup, model and fashion in the yellow pages.
  2. Her first Vogue cover was with Naomi Campbell, with photographer Patrick De Marchelier in 1987
  3. Bobby Brown, the brand, was launched with an investment of $10,000 and a mission to create lipsticks that looked like ‘lips’
  4. 4 years later, in 1995, the company was acquired by Estee Lauder as Bobbi Brown was beating Estee Lauder in pretty much all stores. However, Bobbi still retains full creative control of her ever-expanding empire
  5. Bobbi Brown has so far penned 8 books, is Beauty Editor at Yahoo and has an eyewear line as well.
  6. Bobbi Brown sells 21 million units every year – that’s 2400 per hour
  7. Bobbi Brown believes you can have it ALL – both men and women can try and achieve it all if they really know what they want.
  8. My favorite quote from Bobbi Brown: Confidence is what makes you comfortable; I don’t think I felt it until I was 40.
Bobbi Brown at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, NY

Bobbi Brown at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, NY


  • Her greatest strength: Persistence
  • Mistake she regrets: Worrying about what others think
  • Biggest challenge: Making tough decisions based on business and numbers, which might hurt someone somewhere
  • Bobbi Brown’s tip for natural looking skin: Use yellow foundation
  • Her role models: Mickey Drexler (CEO J.Crew Group), Howard Schultz (Starbucks) and Richard Branson (founder Virgin Group)

Every girl’s dream closet

You have probably already heard of the three story, 3000 sq feet closet built in Houston, which houses over 60 Birkin bags and 75 Louboutin shoes… The same one with a champagne bar and vanity that would make you drool endlessly. No? Haven’t heard or seen a thing, or least not enough? Oh well, let me do the honors.

Theresa Roemer has invested $500,000 to create a boutique closet for her $2,000,000 wardrobe. She intends, and already has, hosted a couple of fundraiser events to support causes that she’s passionate about through her spectacular closet and stunning items on display.

Coming from an extremely impoverished family in Nebraska, Roemer knew what she wanted since her early teens and wasn’t shy of pushing the limits to turn her dreams into reality. She bought her first LV clutch when she turned 18, and is still going strong with her enviable purchases 34 years down the road.

So, who is this woman NOW? She says “I’m an entrepreneur — I have a truffle line, a candle line, and I’m coming out with a clothing line. Everything under my company goes back to Child Legacy International, a charity in Malawi. I’m a licensed real estate agent in the state of Texas, and I buy and flip houses. I also help my husband in the oil industry.”

Lucky bitch, right? Being stereotyping twerps, many assume her to have a perfect life, disregarding her backbreaking struggle in early years and personal life tragedies (like burying her son of 19).

She’s calls her closet a ‘retreat’ / a ‘she-cave’ – and rightly so. Despite the incredulous number of items, everything is immaculately organized. She explains “I planned it the way I dress. With it being a three-story space, I have my furs and hats on the third floor, and my shoes, clothes and vanity on the second floor (which is also where I get my hair and makeup done, where the champagne bar is and where I ultimately think about the look I’m going for. And finally, the first floor is where I keep my jewelry and my handbags; those are the last pieces I put on to finalize any outfit.” Her favorite item has to be the bejeweled loubs, which she pairs with the LBD and becomes an instant show stopper.

On a personal note, she’s got a good marriage going, and her secret is experiments and no restraint. She boasts about her boundaryless intimacy, and chimes “why only bedroom?” Now that’s a girl after my own heart!

Here, let’s have a look at her GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS closet <3






Baby, I am home!

My trip to Karachi was a surprise for my parents. I planned to take a white cab home, and celebrate Eid with them this year.

Rewind 18 hours:
After a busy, sleepless night, I boarded a cramped plane to Karachi and arrived at a crowded airport (it was first day of Eid here and I was expecting otherwise), and finally crawled out of the airport an hour later. Cab kiosks gave me a waiting time of anywhere between 20 – 60 minutes, and I couldn’t wait that long – not with a flu that was intent on worsening with each passing second.

I crossed my fingers and took a yellow cab, silently praying to not get kidnapped instead of arriving home. But soon, I forgot all my fears and I absorbed the sights and smell of my city. Weather here was PLEASANT, with dusty wind and clouds. I saw families riding together, possibly visiting their relatives. There was a family of four on a bike, all smiling ear to ear over some inside joke. They were happy. These were, albeit not rich, but genuinely happy families. There was a very strong, palpable feeling of togetherness. I saw the same old roads, places I had hung out with friends countless times, and happiness crept up to fill my heart.

Baby, I have arrived… HOME :)

Ring Rendezvous

When Kate Middleton and Prince William got engaged, the highlight of their royal affair for me was the ring. To-be duchess was proposed with an 18 carat sapphire and diamond ring. It is, hands down, one of the most beautiful rings I have ever seen, and tops my to-buy list when I am rich and famous.

Today, I have added another ring to that list – Black Eyed Peas Lead Singer’s engagement band.

Fergie’s ring from husband Josh Duhamel features a wide band with a 4-carat brilliant cut diamond. The H. Stern custom design also has cognac diamonds in a starburst pattern around the center stone.

I love it because of the rustic gold base with dazzling diamonds on top, and it’s unconventional size.

One Day!







Face waxing is a nightmare for me. As soon as it’s done, my skin breaks out with nasty pimples. This time, I braved and went to Rose Al Arbaj to try their services and my favorite Annie was available for me. Despite the language barrier, I told her about the break-out problem and she asked me to get an ointment called Bepanthen as soon as I got done at the salon.

I quickly drove to the nearest local pharmacy and got the cream. I have been applying the creme from last 3 days, twice a day, and the result has been amazing. My pimples have gone down considerably - I think another 3 or 4 more days and it will be gone, sans scars :D

I wanted to share it with you all for I know many girls suffer from post waxing breakout, and the scars left behind can be seriously scary. But now, you have Bepanthen :)


  • Keep the creme under 25C at all times. I kept it in the refrigerator
  • Use it twice a day religiously
  • When you have creme on, do not go out in the sun