Treatment Review: HydraFacial at Beverly Hills


Days that start with training, however important, are just that – Yawn.

I have got exactly 18 things to do on my list (oh shucks, I see another two emails popping in just now – PURRFECT!) and all I want to do is curl under a creamy duvet or slide on a massage bed and let someone with soft hands ease those killer knots at the back of my neck. Two weeks in a job and I already need a break. Lazy much?

Instead of yawning and dreaming of a massage, I decided to write a much-anticipated treatment review. So here we go.

IMAG1101I went to Beverly Hills Aesthetic and Medical Centre for a hydrafacial last evening. I am not a fan of facials and Turkish baths and professional massages; I get a bit squeamish with foreign hands touching me beyond a handshake. But my skin was screaming for hydration and scrubbing, and I finally decided to do the needful.

Located in Jumeirah, the facility looks quite medicinal and has a serious vibe to it – compared to girly bubbly salon feel. I was warmly greeted by the receptionist, offered a drink and then led to a private facial room. My therapist, Amanda, was all business like until I requested her to  tell me about the facial and that I will record it for my blog. Oh boy, the endless giggles that followed were amusing yet distracting. Suffice is to say she didn’t utter a world until I put the recorder away; then, she was all informative and accommodating.

Hydrafacial is one of the least invasive treatments at Beverly Hills; it cleans, exfoliates and hydrates the skin, using innovation equipment (which looks like Continue Reading

A moment of silence…for my skin

I dream of this perfect - exquisite!

I dream of this perfect – exquisite!

Damn all the beauty face filters and easy to come fast food to hell and back.

I had a fantastic facial three days ago, my skin is so much better (I will tell you all about it in the next post), but it’s not clear like it used to be. I rack my brains for what am I doing wrong, and a nagging voice (very similar to my darling mother India’s voice) whisper “you skin will never hide what you eat!”

Voila – that’s the answer.

I have been eating unhealthy like there is no tomorrow. From McDonald’s (yes, even at 26 I am hooked) to Chili’s to pizza to 5 dinners out a week, my eating habits have gone to the dog. And so has my skin.

It is a very nonsensical post but I had to put it out there for people who are left wondering ‘why is that gold facial of AED 100,000 not working!’ or ‘I will have to ask my mesotherapist to go even deeper’. Ladies, it’s what you eat. A friend of mine had fresh fruits every day for lunch. Her skin is, touchwood, glowing at all hours. She is probably the only one who could say ‘in your face Mary-Lou Manizer’. See, now you know what I mean?

Oh, and maybe, it’s age. I am getting old as we speak. So depressing!

And you got that right – I am writing gibberish because I have tons of work to do that I don’t wanna do. I just want to get my gelish manicure and pedicure done! Life and it’s unfairness *hmph*

Have a lovely weekend beautiful people :*

Midday Break!

Technically, its early evening but I will be working late and can safely consider this to be my work midday. I am shamelessly yawning, thanks to all the pizza and yummy goodies I shared with my partners in crime (thanks for coming over Shweta Wahi and Khushboo Kaplesh, and then going ahead to the beach while I type out 1001 stories!).

Anyway. I am sleepy and need a laughter break. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find anything funny. Actually, if I go through my ancient emails, I might find something hilarious German (my best friend who I haven’t spoken to in an eternity; don’t ask why) sent me. She had one hell of a sense of humour.

But I don’t have much time (look who’s talking!) and need to get back to work. So, here’s my midday break. Lame, eh?

If you have something refreshing. Please please do send my way. Alternatively, if you want something refreshing, check out my instagram account – I do that when bored. Here it is:

Enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!


Invitation: TheFashSet’s Pop-up Party


Ladies and gentlemen, this is a party you CANNOT afford to miss. With fantastic fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands, this is going to one fun party, with people you will instantly fall in love with.

Here’s a list of participating brands at TheFashSet’s Pop-Up Party:

1. Army of 1
2. Maison Du Maillot
3. Maarli
4. Fashlink
5 The Mode Villa
6. Princess Accessories
7. Stash
8. Millerostock
9. Anjali K Ready to wear
10. Dalia Hamdallah Jewellery
11. Su by Suhair
12.Virgule shop
13. Satami
14. Dare to Wear
15. Bullets and Butterlflies
16. The Exposed
17. MOKA London
19. REMADEdxb
20. Mr Draper Continue Reading

Monochrome Delight

Serge Cajfinger, a French fanatic for art, fashion and architecture, is the man behind the infamous label, Paula Ke. Adding to his already staggeringly list of achievements, he is now crowned to have translated winters in white, a rather daunting feat for many designers. His signature cuts are in place, with added flair, drama and regale for AW’14 collection.

Here’s a look into ‘White Winters’ by Paula Ke:

Winter White (1)

Winter White (3) Continue Reading

Catching up

It has been a while since I last wrote – about seven days or so ago. Life has been pushed into the fast lane once again, with my new editorial role at ITP’s hospitality group. Churning out stories and attending all number of events during the week and at weekend had me exhausted. But I am loving it. It’s the role and company I had dreamt of, and a new industry to explore. Oh, and there is lots of food involved. Like lots and lots – now, who can complain about that?

On the flipside, I am off for holidays in about 2 weeks so any spare time I have is spent planning; mind you, no actions involved. Just planning and Excel sheets (yup, I do make an Excel for my vacations – four years at Axact would drum organization in you). Where to, you ask? Soon you’ll know cherries *excited*

I have been waking up before 8:20AM every day. If you know me, you can relate to my pain. I am not a morning person, and making it to work by 9:00 or 9:10 is a constant challenge. The only way I have been able to pull it off was because I love my job. The team is pretty cool, and it has been an educational experience so far.

Enough about me – what’s going on with you my lovely ladies? And gentlemen? What’s new? Love hearing from you as always.

Much love,



CC Exclusive Inspiration: Jo Malone, Dyslexic Perfumer Par Excellence

Jo Malone at Cherry Cross

It came to me as a surprise that the woman behind the infamous label, Jo Malone, was actually a dyslexic who dropped out of school to care for her ailing mother at a very young age. She couldn’t read or write, and learnt to translate her perception of people and personalities to fragrances. Her signature perfumes are coveted by royalties and celebrities, including Duchess Kate Middleton and Jennifer Lopez, and is a name synonymous with classic elegance and timeless impression.

Furthermore, she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003, and sold her company in entirety to Estee Lauder in 2006. After struggling with her disease and dealing with lemons life had thrown her way (and did she love lemons or what?) she came out healthy and decided to again pursue what she did best – mixing scents to create luxury and indulgence – with a new label, Jo Loves.

When she launched Jo Loves in 2011, she said it is ‘all about memories’. It immediately started getting attention, with a cult following like her former eponymous company, Jo Malone.

Jo Loves Store Hoarding comp

Have you had a whiff of Jo Malone’s Jo Loves? I am sure it is as tantalizing as ever. Now, what inspired us at Cherry Cross about Jo Malone:

  • Her humbling beginnings didn’t deter her dreams of a ‘better life’
  • She figured out what she was really good at, i.e. mixing scents, and made a career out of it (how many of us can say the same?)
  • She made mistakes and took risks, but was never beaten down
  • She wasn’t an MBA from Oxford yet is a founder of a multi-million dollar business – so, if you got it, you got it.
  • Breast cancer could devastate any woman, and rightly so. She came out of it as a victorious survivor
  • Selling your brand, which is an extension to your very being, isn’t easy, unless you have a very wise and stable head on your shoulders, and a supportive husband by your side
  • She reinvented herself at 46 with a new label and a new name, ignited by an old love affair

Inspirational much cherries??

How about you – anyone who has blown your socks off recently? We are listening love  – comment box below please *muah*

Credits: CNN’s Leading Women

2B Chill or 2B Thrill?

2B_Trhill_and_ChillWhat an interesting name for an energy drink!!

Launched a couple of weeks ago in Dubai, at Armani Hotel, ‘2B Active’ and ‘2B Relaxed’ are two natural and refreshing fruit-flavored carbonated drinks, with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

The event was attended by movers and shakers from different sectors, and was hosted by Nargis Fakhri and Kris Fade. Along with entertaining gigs, there was a delicious three course dinner, served along 2B drinks.

Personally, I like 2B Chill, with its tangy flavor and soothing undertones. You can also try these for they are now available at Al Maya, Choithrams,Al Safeer, Lifco, All day Minimart, E-mart, F-mart, Istanbul, Emarat, Abu Dhabi Co-op Society , and soon they will be available in Spinneys, Geant, Union Co-op Society, Eppco-ENOC, Ramla, Al Douri, Milestone, Waitrose, Cinemas and all major vending machines across UAE.

Some moments from the night, via our Instagram account:

Here’s What I Wore at the Launch of 2B Swirl

Drumming it loud and clear at Armani Hotel, Dubai

Shaheen Nouman with Shahd Al Jumaily (Zanajeel)Kris Fade and Anastasia

Nagris Fakhri and Kris Fade in the house

2BChill, Nargis Fakhri, 2B Thrill     Anastasiya Golovatenko, Hanna Kraskouskaya, Valeriya Erimeevich, Svetlana Vasilyeva     Kris Fade

Movie Recommendation: Gone Girl

Gone Girl - Movie Review - Cherry Cross

I am a notorious couch potato, but often you will see me off my royal throne (read: couch), only to be seated on plush leather seats at Vox Cinemas. Nachos with salsa and jalapenos (no cheese please) only work as an unnecessary motivator. This weekend was no different.

This time we went to watch a delayed release, featuring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike, called Gone Girl. It’s adapted from Gillian Flynn’s thriller novel under the same title, and revolves around a marriage gone bad. Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) reports his wife, Amy (Rosamund Pike), missing on their fifth wedding anniversary. As an infamous writer, Amy’s disappearance causes a frenzy, unearthing secrets of infidelity and cleverly woven web of lies. Soon, family, friends and media are pointing fingers at Dunne, blaming him for disappearance of his beautiful, perfect American wife.

Did Dunne really kill his wife to pursue his secret love affair with one of his twenty something student? And if he did, how is Amy spotted in a distant town, with badly dyed short hair, shabby clothes and a different identity?

It’s a thriller that will have you on the edge throughout, and an end while leaving you for more. Ben Affleck is fantastic (as usual) but it’s Rosamund that will draw out your emotions.

Super recommended – and if you have seen it already, what did you think?

Street Style….The Bollywood Way!

Sonakshi Sinha doesn’t make it to news often for her fashion sense and style. She’s spotted mostly in unflattering saris or wrap dresses and palazzos that don’t do her beauty justice. She has come a long way though, and Action Jackson shows the dusky in all her glam glory…

Sonakshi Sinha Glam Avatar - Cherry Cross

This effortless chic look is one of the best from Sonakshi, and makes me excited about her upcoming film, Action Jackson, starring Ajay Devgan. Yes, I watch movies for fashion quotient – why else do you think I never miss Sonam Kapoor’s flicks? *wink*

How to get Sonakshi’s look? All you need is:

  • Fedora – Available at H&M, New Look and Forever 21
  • Jersey dress – Check out H&M, Splash and Forever 21
  • Plaid shirt – Splash, men’s section please
  • Ankle boots – Now this one is a fab find. I saw similar ones at Carrefour (yes!) at Mall of the Emirates. My size was out of stock already – go before yours is gone too.

Your other best friends for this look are fake tan and MAC bronzer.

Cheers to all things inspirational and beautiful!