Every girl’s dream closet

You have probably already heard of the three story, 3000 sq feet closet built in Houston, which houses over 60 Birkin bags and 75 Louboutin shoes… The same one with a champagne bar and vanity that would make you drool endlessly. No? Haven’t heard or seen a thing, or least not enough? Oh well, let me do the honors.

Theresa Roemer has invested $500,000 to create a boutique closet for her $2,000,000 wardrobe. She intends, and already has, hosted a couple of fundraiser events to support causes that she’s passionate about through her spectacular closet and stunning items on display.

Coming from an extremely impoverished family in Nebraska, Roemer knew what she wanted since her early teens and wasn’t shy of pushing the limits to turn her dreams into reality. She bought her first LV clutch when she turned 18, and is still going strong with her enviable purchases 34 years down the road.

So, who is this woman NOW? She says “I’m an entrepreneur — I have a truffle line, a candle line, and I’m coming out with a clothing line. Everything under my company goes back to Child Legacy International, a charity in Malawi. I’m a licensed real estate agent in the state of Texas, and I buy and flip houses. I also help my husband in the oil industry.”

Lucky bitch, right? Being stereotyping twerps, many assume her to have a perfect life, disregarding her backbreaking struggle in early years and personal life tragedies (like burying her son of 19).

She’s calls her closet a ‘retreat’ / a ‘she-cave’ – and rightly so. Despite the incredulous number of items, everything is immaculately organized. She explains “I planned it the way I dress. With it being a three-story space, I have my furs and hats on the third floor, and my shoes, clothes and vanity on the second floor (which is also where I get my hair and makeup done, where the champagne bar is and where I ultimately think about the look I’m going for. And finally, the first floor is where I keep my jewelry and my handbags; those are the last pieces I put on to finalize any outfit.” Her favorite item has to be the bejeweled loubs, which she pairs with the LBD and becomes an instant show stopper.

On a personal note, she’s got a good marriage going, and her secret is experiments and no restraint. She boasts about her boundaryless intimacy, and chimes “why only bedroom?” Now that’s a girl after my own heart!

Here, let’s have a look at her GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS closet <3






Baby, I am home!

My trip to Karachi was a surprise for my parents. I planned to take a white cab home, and celebrate Eid with them this year.

Rewind 18 hours:
After a busy, sleepless night, I boarded a cramped plane to Karachi and arrived at a crowded airport (it was first day of Eid here and I was expecting otherwise), and finally crawled out of the airport an hour later. Cab kiosks gave me a waiting time of anywhere between 20 – 60 minutes, and I couldn’t wait that long – not with a flu that was intent on worsening with each passing second.

I crossed my fingers and took a yellow cab, silently praying to not get kidnapped instead of arriving home. But soon, I forgot all my fears and I absorbed the sights and smell of my city. Weather here was PLEASANT, with dusty wind and clouds. I saw families riding together, possibly visiting their relatives. There was a family of four on a bike, all smiling ear to ear over some inside joke. They were happy. These were, albeit not rich, but genuinely happy families. There was a very strong, palpable feeling of togetherness. I saw the same old roads, places I had hung out with friends countless times, and happiness crept up to fill my heart.

Baby, I have arrived… HOME :)

Ring Rendezvous

When Kate Middleton and Prince William got engaged, the highlight of their royal affair for me was the ring. To-be duchess was proposed with an 18 carat sapphire and diamond ring. It is, hands down, one of the most beautiful rings I have ever seen, and tops my to-buy list when I am rich and famous.

Today, I have added another ring to that list – Black Eyed Peas Lead Singer’s engagement band.

Fergie’s ring from husband Josh Duhamel features a wide band with a 4-carat brilliant cut diamond. The H. Stern custom design also has cognac diamonds in a starburst pattern around the center stone.

I love it because of the rustic gold base with dazzling diamonds on top, and it’s unconventional size.

One Day!







Face waxing is a nightmare for me. As soon as it’s done, my skin breaks out with nasty pimples. This time, I braved and went to Rose Al Arbaj to try their services and my favorite Annie was available for me. Despite the language barrier, I told her about the break-out problem and she asked me to get an ointment called Bepanthen as soon as I got done at the salon.

I quickly drove to the nearest local pharmacy and got the cream. I have been applying the creme from last 3 days, twice a day, and the result has been amazing. My pimples have gone down considerably - I think another 3 or 4 more days and it will be gone, sans scars :D

I wanted to share it with you all for I know many girls suffer from post waxing breakout, and the scars left behind can be seriously scary. But now, you have Bepanthen :)


  • Keep the creme under 25C at all times. I kept it in the refrigerator
  • Use it twice a day religiously
  • When you have creme on, do not go out in the sun

Event: Suhoor at ValleyDez

ValleyDez at Galleria Mall, Dubai

ValleyDez at Galleria Mall, Dubai

ValleyDez recently opened a new store at Galleria Mall, Al Wasl Road, and this one is quite different than their other stores. While the other stores exude femininity, the new boutique is chic and sophisticated. The collection has the same quirky undertone, and the accessories are to die for.

Last night, ValleyDez held a shunoor with LAtifa Al Shamsi, a prominent Emirati blogger and designer. She unveiled her latest Ramadan and Eid collection, comprising colorful kaftans and elegant abayas. She graciously gifted me one as well, and I will do a detailed post on it later.

Amongst the attendees were some of the who’s who of Emirati social scene – including Rosemin Manji, Ilham Abbas, Basma Al Fahim, Sarah Belhasa, etc. Besides Latifa’s collection, other highlights of the evening was Dalida Ayach’s shoes and apparel, Amina Al Abbasi’s arabesque collection of clutches, Dita Von Teese’s sunglasses, bishts by Saffi Fashion and Eid collections by Queen of Spades and Ada by Anjalee.

Here’s the colorful reminiscence from last night’s event – Hope you like them :)

Rosemin Manji with friends

Rosemin Manji with friends

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Invitation: Suhoor with Latifa Al Shamsi at ValleyDez

Calling out all the bloggers and fashionistas in Dubai – Come meet the Emirati blogger and Designer, Latifa Al Shamsi, as she unveils her Ramadan and Eid collection tonight at ValleyDez. Also check out the new collections and designers debuting tonight – including the stunning Dalida Ayach, Amina Al Abbasi, ATYPIK and Ada by Anjalee.

Suhoor with Latifa Al Shamsi at ValleyDez

See you tonight :)

DKNY Meets Bloggers and Ramadan

DKNY Ramadan Collection with Yada Golsharifi and Tamara Al Gabbani for Middle East

The holy month of Ramadan brought along a whole bunch of blessings AND the inaugural of DKNY’s Ramadan Collection. The first regional campaign for DKNY, the collection features conservative-yet-summer-appropriate pants, blouses, skirts and dresses in festive colors and prints. The campaign is styled by two beautiful fashion influencers from the region – Yada Golsharifi and Tamara Al Gabbani. These ladies infuse their own sophisticated sense of style to the campaign, making it a lot more appealing to the women in Middle East.

This capsule collection was specifically designed for the fashionistas in the Middle Eastern region, and acknowledges the huge potential for fashion houses in this particular market.

It is a pleasure to see power houses like DKNY expand and design exclusively for our part of the world – after all, this is where the money is, right? *wink wink*

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Image Courtesy: DKNY

Addicted to ‘Jane by Design’

Jane by Design TV Series - Cherry CrossShorter work hours (well kind of) + sluggish social scene + hubby out-of-town = TIME FOR A NEW SERIES!

I have been watching a “certain” kind of series lately – this category focuses on two things: Fashion and Women. I started with Ugly Betty, then Lipstick Jungle, Cashmere Mafia and now Jane by Design.

My latest addiction, Jane by Design, is about a high school girl, Jane Quirby, who isn’t exactly the ‘nerve of the social scene at school’ and spends all her time with her only best friend – Billy. By a stroke of fate, she ends up working for a world-famous designer, Gray Chandler Murray. And this is how the story begins and evolves – Jane juggling two different lives, one at high school and one in high fashion.

I love Jane’s life, her friendship with Billy, Gray’s ice queen character, India’s dirty ways and Jeremy’s irritating charm. I feel like it’s my dream on TV – my dream of being involved in the fashion world like she. Be the person that she is. Smart, witty, intelligent, on her toes, and hands down GORGEOUS. I am down to the 4th episode and have paused ONLY because its 2 AM and I need to be at work at 9:30!

If you have already seen this series, do tell me how did you find it. And the rest – please just watch it. I can sneak you the address to watch it online *wink wink*

P.S. Jane’s wardrobe will blow you away!

Versace Couture FW14 – The Queen Takes Over the Fashion Reins!

I have never been a fan of Versace Couture but yesterday’s show had made me a convert. It was a consistently fab show, with one show-stopper after the other. I loved the solid colors, asymmetrical cuts, destructed silhouettes, metallic accents and silk soie drapes. The collection highlighted exquisitely pleated bodice, stark cutouts, striped mesh, strips of vinyl embroidered onto a transparent base and lots of pants. Donatella has the infamous J.Lo as her muse, dressed in a white Versace Couture dress. With pulled back hair, smokey eyes, gold earrings and white clutch and stilettos, she was a fashion vision to behold. Here’s Versace’s new approach to couture, hot from the runway:

Whatcha' Looking at Donnatella? :D

Whatcha’ Looking at Donnatella? :D

One of my Favorites from Versace Couture Fall Winter 2014, Fashion Show in Paris

One of my Favorites from Versace Couture Fall Winter 2014, Fashion Show in Paris

One of my Favorites from Versace Couture Fall Winter 2014, Fashion Show in Paris

One of my Favorites from Versace Couture Fall Winter 2014, Fashion Show in Paris

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Queen of Spades says “EHOI” to Ramadan

Lamya AbedinBring out your maracas as Queen of Spades goes all Latin with its latest Mexican-inspired collection. The vivacious collection was unveiled at the La Fiesta Grande, a private pre-Eid preview, held at the Galeries Lafayette, The Dubai Mall.

The fashionable evening unfolded over a sit-down dinner, designed and styled by Lafayette Gourmet to present an epicurean experience fit for the Mexican bonhomie that designer Lamya Abedin presented.

Abedin’s exotic Latin designs once again celebrate folk art and traditions and represent it in an urban, modern style – the very elements that make up the core of the Queen of Spades brand. The newest creations keenly emphasise indigenous crafts and pre-Columbian art that has thrived over a wide timescale, from 1800 BC to AD 1500. Abedin has particularly drawn from certain artistic characteristics that were widely prevalent in the Latin-Spanish belt through the years, like a preference for angular, linear patterns, and three-dimensional ceramics. Continue Reading