Movie Recommendation: Rajkumar Hirani’s PK

Movie Review

Aamir Khan never disappoints. I won’t disclose anything about the story for that’s half the charm.

It’s hilarious and the subject matter will hit home, esp after the atrocities in Peshawar recently.

Do watch, and let me know if you liked it as much as I did.

Cheers, and happy weekend people!

Eyelash Extension Review: Oh my Falsies!


I am obsessed with beautiful eyes. I won’t shy away from going under the knife to have my child have green or blue eyes. Or how about marigold ones?

This obsession leads to another – falsies. Truth be told, I have never put on fake eyelashes on my own. I get them done at salons, and the best ones have last me about three days. Three glorious days of fluttering eyelashes and effortless glam. And then they come off. Cinderella turns into a pumpkin.

And then Pastels Salon came into my life. I sound like such a TVC. I will stop with the drama. Now.

I had heard of semi-permanent eyelashes, which are said to last 2-3 weeks. I decided to try them on, and experience it myself, only to report to all you falsy-addicts.

Eyelash Expert

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Travelogue: Where’s the German Fashion Scene At?

A model shows off an outfit from Lena Hoschek’s autumn/winter 2014 collection during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin - Markus Schreiber/AP

A model shows off an outfit from Lena Hoschek’s autumn/winter 2014 collection during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin – Markus Schreiber/AP

Being an EU state, I had solid preconceived notions about Germany before I had arrived. I had assumed it to have popular fashion streets and people in hot-off-the-runway ensembles, with their unique ‘German’ flair to it (though I had no idea what that meant).

Contrary to my ideas, Germany was rather a plain Jane. I barely saw colour in Frankfurt and Cologne, and saw more skin than clothes in Hamburg. Berlin, being a quintessential tourist destination, had frequent fashion moments but nothing very ‘German’.

You know how you can spot a French girl when she adorns a sophisticated monochromatic dress, with an edge so subtle it might go unnoticed by an amateur eye. Or how a New Yorker wouldn’t be afraid of pairing mustard and scarlet red, and strutting the streets like they own the world. Or a Pakistani with her carefully picked and striped trends from France and NY runways. How do Germans define their style sense? How do you spot one?

When it comes to Germany, it is quite impossible to place them on the fashion map. Its mind boggling as this country has wealth and has advanced remarkably in a number of fields; then why have the men and women of this region chosen to ignore the vivacity and frivolous lifestyle of a fashionista?

Just when I was trying to process these questions in my head, I came across an eloquent piece of writing on BoF by Kate Abnett. In an objective and reasonable manner, she explores why Germany isn’t a bigger fashion player.

Abnett states the current situation, highlighting an average German’s choices. They naturally incline towards basics and to an extent, conservative fashion choices. “That might be due to its Prussian work and life ethic and a general hesitation to show off,” said Adriano Sack, style editor at German Sunday newspaper Welt am Sonntag. Continue Reading

Victoria Becham’s Beaute Debut – VVB Nails

I am obsessing over nail colors at the moment; I did a late night manicure with Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure in Good to Grape and Cherry Up. The colors are so pretty, and are said to be 7-in-1 potion, with top coat, base coat, strengthening agent and other goodies. I enjoyed pairing them up though good to grape would have been beautiful on its own to. It’s a refreshing purple with inherent sheen and would look good on all lengths of nails (it’s so annoying when some colors look good only on short nails while other complement long nails only).


Talk about nail lacquers, have you heard about Posh Polishes? Oh yes, the uber stylish Victoria Beckman has collaborated with Nails Inc. to create two shades – the nude Bamboo White and the orangey Judo Red – will launch as a collaboration between the British nail brand and Victoria Victoria Beckham, the more contemporary sister brand to the Victoria Beckham line. Packaged in typically chic Beckham style, the bottles are matt black and white respectively, with transparent glass sides to reveal the polish within.

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I have had a major jewelry crush after a very long time. My personal style is all for chunky statement pieces, more in line with creations of geniuses like Madiso and Emanuele Bicocchi; however, this recent love affair defies all that ‘usual’ and predictable. It’s fine jewelry, made of gold, diamonds and other precious stones. It is a melange of artisan craftsmanship and contemporary design.

Who am I going gaga over, you ask? Delfina Deletrezz.

Founded in 2007 in Rome, Deletrezz works with figurative surrealism and natural iconography, using precious stones and metals, and are all handmade. her collection has a permanent display at the Louvre’s Musée des Arts Decoratifs, and has showcased in Florence, Miami and Paris.

I personally loved her collection ‘anatomik’, though the other pieces are also quite interesting. Here are some of my favorite pieces, available on her website and

Delfina Deletrezz - Cherry Cross Continue Reading

Gift Guide…For that Smarty Pants

December is one of my most favorite months of the year. First, the temperatures drop down considerably and it is so pleasant. I love the playful wind these days – finally you can walk around and hang out at one of the beautiful parks in Dubai. Second, you get so many gifts!! If you follow my Instagram, you’d know I have been hogging  cakes and enjoying fancy dinners, pausing to graciously accept gifts from the rest.

Now, it’s only polite to return the favor (and presents). So here we start a series, listing gift ideas for particular kinds of special someones in your life.


1. Parker Pens


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Invitation: Sushi Anyone?


Chez Sushi by sho cho is a unique, casual and fun Japanese sushi concept based in the heart of Dubai . You pick the ingredients, garnish, dressing and watch the team roll. They have branches in Dubai Marina and Wasl Road, and take orders online for home delivery as well.

The restaurant has announced the opening of a new outlet in the commercial hub of Dubai – Business Bay. They have organized a bloggers-only event on December 9th 2014, and would love to have you to sample some freshly made sushi, fantastic company and a fun evening. Continue Reading

Pink & Flirty – Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2014


$2 million worth Fantasy Bras – each!

I am sure many of the fashion enthusiasts didn’t get much sleep last night, all with Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2014 keep us glued to our phones and TV sets. Special thanks to Harpers Bazaar and Getty Images for quenching our fashion thirst as soon as was humanly possible.

VS cannot be without pink, so it came to us as no surprise that most of the looks flaunted coral hues, with ivory and honeydew accentuating the collection. Then there were those $2 million fantasy bras. Oh, and the golden goddesses and black beauties!

However, my favorite has to be the addition of prints; like this one below:


Sigh. It’s perfection. Lais Ribeiro is a vision in this ensemble, from soft blow dry to neutral makeup, flowing printed gown and those gorgeous shoes! Not the entire collection wow-ed me but there was at least one swoon worthy element in all the looks shared below (esp shoes).

With one more dusky beauty in printed lingerie extravaganza, I will let you indulge in the remaining runway shots from the show. Enjoy!


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